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Male, 31 years, Aarschot, Belgium
Badminton, Crosscountry skiing, Cycling… (+10 more)

Currently a Garmin user... Here is the link to my garmin profile:

Link to my group for runners: Ostrich

Link to group for strength workouts: Ox

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  • SariKooKoo

    22.5.2013 @ The_BEAR

    Well, you are back into your old routines, I see. Loads of moves and a lot of biking too.Very nice.

  • MtnLivin

    7.5.2013 @ Move 2.5.2013

    Bear, Looks like you are staying steady and strong with weights and cycling!

    • The_BEAR


      I'm back getting in the shape I'm used to, after a way too long winter sleep!

    • MtnLivin


      Same here, buddy. Haven't let the "wheels fall off," but definitely have a few goal in mind for improvements this spring--looking to get back into climbing shape for this summer.

  • jessyhey

    11.4.2013 @ The_BEAR

    thank you Mr Bear ;9 yes, the knee is getting better. no running for me, just walk walk walk...

  • SariKooKoo

    25.1.2013 @ Move 29.9.2012

    What was the end result?

    • The_BEAR


      We finished second in our group. heavy legs as I wasn't used doing this sport anymore, blisters on my feet, but satisfied feeling after done some sport.

  • jessyhey

    20.9.2012 @ The_BEAR

    Hiii! longe time no se. Ofc i have facebook acount. do you? how is training going?

    • The_BEAR


      Yes long time... training is going well again, have had some months where it was less. I do also have a FB account. Normally this should be the link you can add me if you want

    • jessyhey


      i will! same here, have had some months off. still moving, but not in any improving way. Im trying to find a goal to work out for. Do you like maratons? any experience? :)

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    10km training run


    Running 1:05'18.7 Average heart rate 158 bpm, 10.13 km.
    As I'm preparing for my first halve marathon in about 2 months, it's necessary that I do some longer runs. Today was my first 10 km run on training since long time, and felt good about it.


    20km of Brussels


    Running 2:23'00.8 Average heart rate 169 bpm, 20.10 km.
    My first 20km run of my life. I dedicate this run to my dad. He is in a fight against cancer, and in this fight he must try to stay strong, thought it's not always that obvious. I ran this run with my livestrong shirt to support him (and other people with cancer). The run went good until km13 where my calves started to cramp and I felt my feet injury which I had 2 weeks ago. But as in my dad's fight I decided that I could not give up so went through walking at a steady pace (continue below) (I continue here the note on my move) ... and finished with a very satisfied feeling! To all people: LIVESTRONG!!! (I continue here the note on my move) ... and finished with a very satisfied feeling! To all people: LIVESTRONG!!!


    Photo by Froaje


    Photo by Froaje


    Photo by Froaje


    Photo by Froaje


    Photo by Froaje
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    Usually I'm hibernating already in december, however this winter I try to move a little to stay in good shape! ;)


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    How will the season change the way you work out if at all?

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    Hello all you water babies! lets get splashing/paddling!

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