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Female, 44 years, Helsinki, Suomi
Boxing, Circuit training, Crosscountry skiing… (+24 more)

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  • leenat

    11.2.2015 @ Move 10.2.2015

    Kylläpä on reipasta menoa! Hyvä Tiina.

  • DuncanR

    13.1.2015 @ TIK70

    Always good to have a few quiet months I find Tiina; I've been the same but now getting ready for this year's Ultra's that start in February along with cross country skiing up North as usual :))

  • DuncanR

    5.1.2015 @ Move 4.1.2015

    No gain without pain Tiina�� hope you're doing well?

    • TIK70


      Hi Duncan! Things are well, last 6 months have been more quiet n the sports front, but I guess a little break can be a good thing :). Towards the summer... hope you're doing well

  • Iina_H

    4.8.2014 @ Move 2.8.2014

    Kiva "pyrähdys"!

    • TIK70


      Kiitti :)

  • Mixsu

    2.8.2014 @ Move 2.8.2014

    Hieno lenkki!

    • TIK70


      Kiitos :)

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    Cycling 7:19'57.6 Average heart rate 139 bpm, 217.0 km.
    Pirkan pyöräily - bike event. 217 km in beautiful weather and scenery. Enrolled to the 28 speed group (about 45 riders) and the ride was surprisingly easy. Tried to eat according to Kaisa's advise, but had a bit of stomach ache/side sting almost the whole ride. This limited the consumption of gels etc. Ended up enjoying some water, chocolate, bread, and pickled cucumbers. Max speed 61,5, my bike meter distance was 218,5. Total riding time with 3 breaks was 7:50.




    Triathlon 5:52'36 Average heart rate 155 bpm, 113.2 km.
    Finntriathlon @ Joroinen. 1,9/90/21,1. Cool day, with brisk wind, but luckily no rain during the race day ( we got soaking wet the night before). Swim took place in the biggest waves I have ever experienced. The first 500m was pretty chaotic, as the wind was blowing water to my lungs and it was difficult to calm down and catch up the rhythm. I also swam too much to the left. Next 500 was better, and the last part was able to increase the speed (43:11). Bike was ok, during first 20km I experienced some migraine like visions, then calmed down, and got back to normal after 40 km. After 70km decided to increase speed, as I was feeling good (2:51, average 31,6km/h). Running felt easy and I kept relaxed pace all the way (HR aroung 160). Had one pee break in the beginning of the run. Too bad I cound't run as fast as I can, but pretty happy about the end result. Finished with good strength and spirit! Rank: 12/37.


    Länsiväyläjuoksu 2011


    Running 1:42'55.3 Average heart rate 171 bpm, 17.40 km.
    Länsiväyläjuoksu, +15 C, 17,4 km mahtavassa säässä ja mukavan tuntuisesti tasaista vauhtia


    First ever Olympic Tri


    Triathlon 3:00'23.1 Average heart rate 159 bpm, 51.50 km.
    Kuopio Triathlon olympic distance. Swim 34,4 - bike 1,26 (including transitions - netto bike about 1,23) - run 59 min. Swimming still bad, but made it.

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    Longest ride so far


    Cycling 5:24'36.3 Average heart rate 134 bpm, 129.3 km.
    Ride to Porvoo with Leena. Took direct route via old Porvoo road into the town, then some salmon soup for lunch + sightseeing a bit. On the way out we took road 55 accidentally and that meant some 27k extra riding :). My longest bike ride ever - knee felt pretty ok. Fun!


    Riding flow Rusutjärvi


    Cycling 2:54'57.4 Average heart rate 152 bpm, 74.36 km.
    Pretty tough but fun evening ride with Taina & Jani to Rusutjärvi. Real flow for an hour with good pace! The fastest ride this year :). Töölö-Vantaankoski-Seutulantie-Rusutjärvi-Katriinantie-Töölö. Beautiful but windy weather.


    Classic fun


    Crosscountry skiing 1:07'27.6 Average heart rate 168 bpm, 15.58 km.
    Fab skiing in Lappeenranta with dad, pretty icy conditions, but skis were flying. We did record time, but it felt like nothing. Lentokeli!

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