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Male, 52 years, Laumersheim, Germany
Aerobics, Badminton, Bowling… (+17 more)

Back again for 2015! Job and life related challenges exist, but am still keeping my eye on the prize! Need to work on overall fitness and am stepping up my game to try to get to where I want to be, and maintain once I'm am there. Latest addition to the fight is a BSN Suunto Quest. Excited to use it to learn more about how to improve my overall fitness. Better diet, less junk, more control! Let's do it! One team. One fight. Movescount.

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  • Stratula

    4.5.2013 @ Move 4.5.2013

    Shout out to Welbot on Sound Cloud for the great workout music!

  • Mantis77

    10.7.2012 @ Stratula

    Coole Brille, ich mache auch etwas Tai Chi. Wing Chun hat mich leider nie gepackt. Dafür Seven Star Mantis. Ich wünsche Dir einen wunderschönen Tag

  • guro

    13.3.2011 @ Stratula

    hi, thanks for the message! what kind of martial arts do you do? good luck with your 2011 plan :) guro

    • Stratula


      Right now I dabble a little with Tai Chi, but eventually I'd like to get back into Wing Chun. Do you perform any martial arts?

    • guro


      no i cannot really say that, i train boxing sometimes but i haven't been there for a while. i'll try to get back on that track though, but at the moment i am more concerned with running. i want to start a 10 week program to run a half marathon... :)

  • Stratula

    12.1.2011 @ Stratula

    Hey Garry, Totally agree! Life is finite, but nothing says that the quality has to tank just because of ones age or condition if you do it right. Right?! My brother's been the workout fiend in the family, and has maintained over the years. So now I find myself sort of on teh short end of the stick. Finally decided last year that i needed 2 get back with the program. So hopefully at the end of this year, I'll be back in fighting shape. 1 step at a time. See you there! Lee

  • garryr

    12.1.2011 @ Stratula

    Stratula Thanks for that. Got to do it, you know. Else one dies far too young.

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