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Male, 27 years, Genova, Italy
Circuit training, Crosstrainer, Cycling… (+10 more)

Km/h, Min/Km, ml/Kg/min, J/g/m, Kcal/Kg/Km, N*m7sec, ml/Kg, W/Kg, J/Kg/sec... Cogito ergo sum.

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  • oumima12

    26.7.2013 @ SpeedyChicken

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  • SpeedyChicken

    21.5.2013 @ Move 21.5.2013

    errore battiti rilevati iniziali

  • lovemama

    25.2.2012 @ SpeedyChicken

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  • lucaleonardi

    13.2.2012 @ SpeedyChicken

    ciao scusa il disturbo,sno anche io di genova,vorrei chiederti qualche informazione,dove posso scriverti

  • SMac

    14.1.2012 @ Move 14.1.2012

    Sounds like a long time! Well done.

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    Il prossimo obbiettivo è il Suunto Ambit!!! Una vera potenza!

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    Buona Immacolata a tutti!


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    “Come raggiungere un traguardo? Senza fretta ma senza sosta.” Johann Wolfgang Goethe.

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    Please note: this is not an official support forum for Suunto watches or services, and currently this group is not actively monitored. You can get more information about Suunto products from - especially from Questions&Answers section in product pages. If you have any issues with our products&services, please contact our Contact Center for detailed support. Thank you!

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    Beacon Fell 10 miler Tough Mudder prep...Sunday 10am Rockform A6

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    Workout and Refuel

    9.9.2013, Movescount
    Running, Consumption

    Inspired by Aleksandra Mikołajczak and Miriam Plana, this App will help you fuel your body the right way after your exercise by showing you how many grams of fat, protein and carbs you should eat. The App is all about energy consumption.


    Burned fat in gramms

    5.12.2012, lammela

    Fat burning depends on training zone of the current exercise. This app takes into account the current training zone in the calculations. Image credits:, Contributor: Luigi Diamanti Here is the clarification for the formula: NOTE! 1 gram of fat has approx 9 kCals (AVG_HR / USER_MAX_HR) * 100 = training_zone 100 - training_zone = percent_diff ((percent_diff/3)*2)+percent_diff = fatburn_percent ENERGY * fatburn_percent / 100 = fatburn_in_cals fatburn_in_cals / 9 = BURNED GRAMS OF FAT Sources for calculation: [1] Riku Aalto Kuntoilijan käsikirja- Opas tulokselliseen kuntoliikuntaan, 6. painos toukokuu 2011 (WSOYpro/Docento-tuotteet) [2] [3]


    Karvonen Training...

    1.12.2012, Bucheror

    ------------------------ The Karvonen formula is the gold standard for training zones. It is based on your Reserve Heart Rate, the difference between your maximum HR and your Rest HR, rather than only the max heart rate. 50% to 60%: Recovery and weight loss zone. 60% to 70%: The heart starts to benefit from the exercise. Slow and long distance exercise. Fat is the primary fuel and therefore good zone for weight loss. 70% to 80%: Aerobic zone - This is the optimal zone to workout in to increase your cardio-respitory capacity or the bodies ability to transport oxygenated blood to the muscle cells and carbon dioxide away from the cells. 80% to 90%: Cross over from aerobic training to anaerobic. Training in this zone will improve performance and dealing with Lactic acid. Training in this zone is felt as hard. 90% to 100%: Red Line Zone - You will only be able to train in this zone for short periods of time. You should not train at this level unless you are very fit. In this zone lactic ...


    Oxygen level (%)

    30.11.2012, radku
    Mountaineering, Guidance

    Oxygen level at the given altitude as percentage of maximum at the see level. Formula: (1+H+(H^2)/2+(H^3)/6+(H^4)/24)*100, with H = -ALTITUDE/7990

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    Bike Trainer Power

    30.11.2012, Hully
    Indoor cycling, Training

    This formula uses the published power formula by Kurt Kinetic to create a power reading in watts to use on the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine trainer. It is in Kmph.


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