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Female, 34 years, Arlesheim, Schweiz
Crosstrainer, Cycling, Mountain biking… (+3 more)

Ich will schneller und fitter werden, Ruhe und Ausgleich finden, Rückenschmerzen los werden und Beweglichkeit erreichen. Und das alles kann Sport. Das reicht als Motivation ;-)

I want to be faster and fitter, get calm and balanced, reach flexibility and get rid of backpain. Sports can do all of it and that`s motivation enough...

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  • Mountainbikers

    1061 members / 210444 Moves

    Mountainbike group for all loving xc,am,enduro,dh, freeride or whatever u name the time spend on your bike


    1760 members / 434135 Moves

    No leader messages.


    383 members / 80248 Moves

    No leader messages.

    Ladies with the Moves!

    441 members / 100706 Moves

    June is pritty wet here in the Great Britain! Lots of preperation for the Olympics going on! Have u got tickets? Or will you be watching?

  • I am a Squeezer because...

    31 members / 10853 Moves

    How will the season change the way you work out if at all?

    Firm Bottoms

    14 members / 5649 Moves

    This group has served it's purpose and is now defunct. For a group with lots of discussion and fun I recommend:

    Orca Pod

    13 members / 7173 Moves

    Welcome to all new members of Orca Pod. Happy Swimming everyone :-)

    I exercise to eat

    59 members / 22666 Moves

    Okay every New Year deserves a resolution so mine is to cook. That's right cherubs, I had not cooked a meal (except baked beans and eggs on toast) for over 3 years. So with much gusto I have bought utensils and intend to produce at least 100 dishes that I have never tried before. With that comes 12 different sporting activities also. Wish me luck

  • German Beginner

    154 members / 30918 Moves

    Eine deutschsprachige Gruppe für alle Neu- Einsteiger.

    Group I

    53 members / 27916 Moves

    The new Group I has arrived........... what award are you going for? This will be where the Lepidoptera is judged :) You guys inspired me to do this one!!!


    3 members / 1183 Moves

    If not us, who?.. If not now, when? JFK


    39 members / 18799 Moves

    Come take a hike to the Ski Lodge!

  • World

    114 members / 53865 Moves

    The World groups are the best groups with monthly virtual competition reports for their official members.

    Runners World

    78 members / 26918 Moves

    The status of membership for this group is OPEN.

    The Old Hippo's

    9 members / 4659 Moves

    A Warm welcome to all the Hippos of old. It would lovely to catch up with you all. :-) Keep Moving :-)

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