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Male, 40 years, South Melbourne, Australia
Badminton, Running

Just cracked 10k in 45mins, next goal: sub 40. Will take time to get there, but I know I can. Just need more hard work and patience.

"Whether you think you can, or you cannot, you are right." Henry Ford.

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    2011 City2Sea


    Running 1:12'00.2 Average heart rate 176 bpm, 14.00 km.
    2011 City2Sea (14km/Inaugural) Well, I can't say I kept to my goal pace of 5min/km, but I can say I gave it everything I had on the day. I ran my arse off and I'm quite happy with myself for putting the effort in. And in the end, 2 minutes off goal pace isn't too bad. Gives me something to aim for next year! Legs were about 75% recovered at start, which I knew would make it harder to keep up the pace in the warmer conditions (17-22c). (14km confirmed)


    Best 5km so far


    Running 0:21'53.5 Average heart rate 170 bpm, 5.06 km.
    5km time trial after holiday, to see how I'm progressing. Very happy with result. Started at comfortably fast pace for first 2km, then went to uncomfortably fast. Legs were good at end, felt strong, but it felt hard to increase leg speed any faster. Need to practise faster running just to get used to that. (6-5c)




    Running 0:49'01.9 Average heart rate 176 bpm, 10.00 km.
    RunMelbourne2011. Despite an atrocious leadup week, sleep school for bubs and feeling sick, managed a PB. Hard work the whole way, but did it. Starting the speed training soon to go faster! (11-14c)


    2012 City2Sea


    Running 1:09'33.6 Average heart rate 169 bpm, 14.00 km.
    2012 City2Sea. Beautiful day, cold but sunny and warming up. Hamstrings really held me back, couldn't propel forward. Won't bother with taper in future. Not one of them has worked for me. Pretty disappointed. Same pace as Run4TheKids back in April, and that is hillier and slightly longer. I know I can do better. On the plus side, I did better holding an even pace the whole way this time. Ignored the watch and went by feel. 2m 30s PB.

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    Run4TheKids 2012


    Running 1:11'21 Average heart rate 175 bpm, 14.38 km.
    A great event once again and an enjoyable run! Smashed last years time of 1:25:46 by over 14 minutes, but expected that with almost a years training since. I was also 40 seconds faster than my City2Sea time, which is 380m shorter and flat, with none of the hills of this race. Also set a new HRMax of 188! All up I'm quite happy, I'm progressing ok. But lots more training to do before I can finish this in an hour. Might be a bit much to ask for next years event, but let's see how close I can get.


    5km PB


    Running 0:20'45.5, 5.00 km.
    Decided I'm about as rested as I'm gonna get, might aswell try a fast 5km. Legs not too bad but breathing very hard most of the way. 25 second PB. Ran exactly 5km, footpod way off at the faster pace.


    RunMelb2013 HM


    Running 1:44'43.7, 21.10 km.
    Run Melbourne 2013, Half Marathon. A beautiful morning, very cold. Perfect for running. Lots of entertainment on course. Legs weren't too bad, tummy stress held me back a little mid run. Very congested in parts, especially at the start. I was weaving around people the whole run, who knows how many I passed - LOTS. Must have lost some time due to that. All things considered I'm quite happy - it can easily go much much worse!


    Best 10k to date


    Running 0:45'02.2, 10.11 km.
    Here it is - the 10k in 45 minutes. Wanted to run hard to destress after work, and felt ok so kept the pace up. Pretty hard effort all up, but not quite race pace. Just didn't feel like going that hard today. Now for sub 40! Edit: footpod measuring short, therefore time wishfully fast!

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    Best 10km so far


    Running 0:46'30, 10.00 km.
    Official Time: 45m49s. 33/97 in age group. Inaugral F1 GP 10km event. 2 laps of Albert Park F1 circuit. Tough run, 24-26c and sunny for second lap. I paced myself well though, going as hard as I could. Feel certain I can break 45 in cool conditions. Didn't tire my legs out, couldn't push hard enough because of the temp.


    5km TT


    Running 0:21'07.9 Average heart rate 174 bpm, 5.00 km.
    5km TT. Very happy with the time! Close to puking, so a good effort lol. McMillans calculator says I should be able to crack 44 minutes over 10k, so sub 45 is possible.... we'll know soon! 20c, 80% humidity.


    10k TT


    Running 0:44'32.7, 10.00 km.
    10k time trial. A new PB by 1m 17s (set 1 year ago) so I'm gradually getting faster, but still, I really hoped I'd be a bit quicker than that considering 5k pace. Sub 40 feels like a loooong way off now. I clearly need more endurance. On the plus side, I chose and held a good consistent pace throughout.

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