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Female, 49 years, Avalon, Australia
Cycling, Indoor cycling, Multisport… (+8 more)

"There is only one perfect road and that road is ahead of you, always ahead of you." - Sri Chinmoy

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  • jerrychow

    29.10.2013 @ ShelleyS

    hello! Great moves there!

    • ShelleyS


      Hey there Jerrychow. Thanks for the follow & thanks for the encouragement. Same back to you!

  • yuji_yuji

    4.10.2013 @ Move 1.10.2013

    Hi! It is good! congrats! Keep up the move by your new bike. :-)

  • yuji_yuji

    1.10.2013 @ Move 1.10.2013

    Nice ride !! :-)

    • ShelleyS


      Thanks Yuji. It was a perfect morning for a ride on my new bike. I enjoyed this move.

  • poppy1234

    13.9.2013 @ ShelleyS

    Thanks heaps Shelleys will check the organic shop, we have a blueberry Boost and a cranberry Boost both have organic fruit mixed with our linseed, so that might be a good option, our products are help speed up muscle recovery, something we could all use Ha! Keep moving!

  • poppy1234

    30.8.2013 @ ShelleyS

    Hi Shellys, wondering if you can help out we are farmers we grow and manufacture linseed breakfast cereal sprinkles and biscuits, they are great for muscle recovery check out our website but our nearest stockist to you is Harris Farm Markets at Mona Vale, can you suggest a quality fruit and veg or foodstore that might be interested in stocking healthy food, that's great for weightloss, cholesterol control and prevention of beast cancer? thanks heaps happy moving

    • ShelleyS


      Hi Poppy1234. Harris Farm in Mona Vale is only a 10min drive from Avalon, and most people I know do a lot of shopping there as the big name supermarkets are all there. Many of my friends shop at Harris Farm. If you were keen on the Avalon market, you could try the organic shop (not sure on name). They have an ecclectic mix of goods/fruit/veg. Cheers.

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    Huskisson Long Course triathlon


    Triathlon 6:15'11.1, 105.0 km.
    1st long distance triathlon & I finished yeah! 2k swim/83k ride/20k run


    Team selection


    Selected to compete for Australia at the 2012 International Triathlon Union World Age Group Triathlon Championships in Auckland, New Zealand 2012. YEAH!

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