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Male, 41 years, Malleray, Switzerland
Alpine skiing, Badminton, Basketball… (+30 more)

Life, nature and the entire creation, is a gift God has given us to be appreciated and preciously preserved. That's why I really do love to be out there and live my life in contact with His creation! Get to know Him through his wonderful created things!

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    108.6 km

    8886 kcal

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  • Rockaetano

    14.6.2014 @ Move 13.6.2014

    Biler Lauftage, Nacht-Halbmarathon, mit Mimi!

  • Rockaetano

    30.5.2014 @ Move 30.5.2014

    Chasseral - Villeret with the whole family!

  • Rockaetano

    30.5.2014 @ Move 30.5.2014

    Haut de la Combe-Grède - Chasseral with the whole family!

  • Thias

    2.12.2013 @ Rockaetano

    Danke :-), da hast du ja deine Arbeitstelle nicht gerade in der Nähe! Schwyz ist ja aber sicher auch nicht übel zum trainieren und wohnen. Oder pendelst du? In dem fall wünsche ich dir einen guten Einstieg beim trainieren und das die nächste Erkältung fern bleibt.

  • oumima12

    23.7.2013 @ Rockaetano

    My name is Oumima Hashim 24 years old female. I am here to seek true friendship, I personally may not be very beautiful physically as most ladies in your country, but I think I have the beauty of the mind that is more valuable to me. the inner mind is most important to me, friendship is to me the right of all people, and if properly inclined could lead to something permanent. you can reach me through my email:

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