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Male, 3 years
Adventure racing, Aerobics, Alpine skiing… (+57 more)

Realtime Events is an Android application for Movescount! It is a totally new way to experience and share the great moments with your friends and other Movescount users.

Only sky is the limit what can be done with this RealtimeEvents application :-)

Just throw yourself to the livemap and others will encourage you during the Moves :-)

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  • Kariw

    23.6.2013 @ RealtimeEvents

    I do not own an Android phone. Therefore I can share events with nobody. What a pity.

  • preciousbabu4u

    14.5.2013 @ RealtimeEvents

    Hello My name is Precious i am a young single pretty girl, never married., In my search for friends i came across your profile and after going through it i then made up my mind to contact you as my friend hope you don't mind, If you are interesting in knowing more about me, l want you to write back to me through my email address( )so that l will give you my picture for you to know who lam. Awaiting to see your lovely reply soonest, have a nice day. Yours Precious.


  • RealtimeEvents

    16.3.2012 @ RealtimeEvents

    This will be the first official Realtime Event in Movescount :D Everyone can attend - check:


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    Standart 2h Move Battle (note; can be done whenever you want to). Basics: RTE calculates individually calibrated Body Charge scores (TRIMP). The higher the momentary training zone is, the faster you will get scores. Everyone has same opportunity to win since the HR method is individually calibrated and even the gender noticed :-) Rules: You’ll need RTE application (iPhone, Windows, Android, Symbian) - Battles can be done whenever you want! - You can turn on the RTE application few mins earlier (“Start Tracking”) - Every sport is allowed - Remember to encourage others in live map chat - You can see each others’ scores in LIVE! Let the others know that you are participating and make sure that you have an official supervisor checking the Move and encouraging you during the Move! :-) Every Move definitely counts :-)


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    People who do their moves anywhere&anytime they want!

    RTE Carolina Panthers

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    Jukola orienteering relay race 2012!

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  • Nuuksio Classic Trail Marathon - LIVE

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    13 Vaaran Marathon LIVE

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