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Male, 37 years, Kuopio, Suomi
CrossFit, Cycling, Indoor cycling… (+11 more)
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    Running, Performance. Movescount

    This App indicates the efficiency of your running by introducing the unit "Beats Per Kilometer". It tells exactly how many times your heart beats during one kilometer with current pace and heartrate compared. Less heart beats means less effort to run this pace. This App lets you follow the value live based on last 10 second floating average value of heartrate and running pace.


    EMOM - Every Minute on the Minute

    CrossFit, Training. sacer625

    EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) is a nice 60 second work/rest timer. You can copy the app to increase or decrease the timer as you see fit. The app will begin with 60 secs on the watch; push Start and it will begin counting down to 0. At 56 and 58 seconds, the watch will beep. From 60-65 seconds, the watch will beep for 5 continuous seconds to notify the user the 60 seconds timer has expired. At 60 seconds, the watch will display how many intervals have been completed until the user pushes the lap button to reset the lap timer to 0 and begin a new 60 second interval.



    Environmental. Movescount

    Shows the time of next sunset or sunrise, whichever is predicted to come first.


    Heart Rate Zones1-5

    Running, Guidance. Anonymous

    Displays your HR Zone 1-5. Function based on RHR(variable) and MHR(variable) and scaled to your HRR (0-100%. The starting zone is 50% and the zone increments are 10%. Zone 1 = 50% Zone 2 = 60% Zone 3 = 70% Zone 4 = 80% Zone 5 = 90%

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    Oxygen level (%)

    Mountaineering, Guidance. radku

    Oxygen level at the given altitude as percentage of maximum at the see level. Formula: (1+H+(H^2)/2+(H^3)/6+(H^4)/24)*100, with H = -ALTITUDE/7990



    Running, Guidance. aclavell

    VO2 estimated


    Current Training Zone

    Training. littleStudent

    Shows the current Heart Rate Zone in %, depending on the MHR and RHR.


    interval trainer

    Running, Training. harry93

    Counts down from 30 seconds after pressing lap (improved version)

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    Ghost Previous Lap

    Running, Training. DCrocket

    Run against yourself


    Show Recovery Time

    Consumption. guigui

    Show your Recovery Time in hours during your exercise with the use of an HR belt.


    3200 m Cooper test pacer

    Running, Guidance. teemum

    This App guides you to reach 3200 m in a Cooper test. It shows in real time the distance you should have covered in any given moment during the 12 minute cooper test.


    How hard

    Guidance. Movescount

    Using heart rates zones is a useful way to control your exercise intensity. But if you need more precise guidance, this is the App for you. This app shows real-time intensity based on your own maximum heart rate. Set it in one of your custom sports modes and let your real-time exercise intensity guide you.

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    Cooper estimate

    Running, Guidance. Movescount

    This App shows you the distance you would achieve in a Cooper Test at your current pace. Set it in your running mode to see how your fitness level compares to Cooper. NOTE: This App works only when the duration of the exercise is below 12 minutes.


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