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Male, 38 years, Joutsa, Finland
Crosscountry skiing, Cycling, Floorball… (+6 more)
0:53'07.4 Trekking
Photo by Ojanko
0:53'07.4 Trekking
Photo by Ojanko
0:53'07.4 Trekking
Photo by Ojanko
0:01'24.6 Ski touring
Photo by mlauren
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    Running 0:36'18.9 Average heart rate 156 bpm.

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      9.1.2013, cookie0815

      Barometer v2.1

      13.12.2012, tomahola
      Trekking, Tools for daily use

      This is an improved version of my Barometer app. Algorithm inaccuracy now less than 1hPa up to 4000 meter altitude (Ambit sensor inaccuracy not included). This is my attempt to make a barometer that displays the barometric pressure at your location. You can also simulate a barometer by setting your reference altitude to zero in the standard Ambit. But it is really nice and more convenient to have a barometer view with all three key parameters available at the same time in the screen: altitude, atmospheric pressure (AP) and sea level pressure (QNH). Make your custom training mode and include all these, like I did! On my wish list, but not implemented yet, is an altitude trim term to correct for air humidity, air temperature and sensor errors. Trim can be done by setting altitude and pressure simultaneously and independently to known values. The trim coefficient can then be calculated and subsequent altimeter operation will be more accurate. Currently the trim is fixed at factory cali...


      Beats per km

      29.11.2012, kemetter
      Running, Training

      An indication of personal running (or other sport) efficiency. Indicates how your running pace relates to your heartrate. The unit of this value is [beats per kilometer] and it is calculated on your current HR and pace. Can be used in any sport that uses HR and speed.


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