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Male, 43 years, Cleveland Heights, United States
Cycling, Indoor cycling, Pool swimming… (+4 more)

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  • 22 Moves

    24:16 h

    289.8 km

    15244 kcal

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  • hvn_4

    14.8.2014 @ Move 10.8.2014

    excellent pace

  • hvn_4

    10.9.2013 @ Move 8.9.2013

    great run

  • hvn_4

    30.3.2011 @ MassaBarca

    Hi, We were sick whole family last week. Apart from that little man is making great progress. Motivation is the key. He is not crawling yet but likes to throw ball to Hamlet. He likes Hamlet a lot.

  • hvn_4

    18.3.2011 @ MassaBarca

    Are you aiming for stockholm marathon since you have started to practice and with huge intensity?

  • hvn_4

    7.8.2010 @ MassaBarca

    Seven weeks doing just construction work and no sports at all. Now starts the preparation for winter floorball season.

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    Dear all, there were 56 members in this group by March 31st, and I just paid 56 pounds (64 euros) to the Japan disaster fund. Amer Sports will match my contribution, meaning that together that will be 128 euros. It's still not much money considering the devastation but it's definitely something! The money will be directed to the Japanese Red Cross, which will make sure it'll reach those who need it most. My thoughts go out to all the people in Japan who have lost their homes or loved ones and hope that things will get better soon. Thank you all for being a part of the group! Together we can make a difference! Aku

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