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Male, 41 years, Asturias, España
Cycling, Mountain biking, Not specified sport… (+5 more)


  • 22 Moves

    28:38 h

    545.1 km

    14800 kcal

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  • Tonisanchez

    16.5.2014 @ Move 16.5.2014

    Buen entreno Mario, ahora lo más importante es recuperar bien. ESTIRAMIENTOS

  • Tonisanchez

    10.5.2014 @ Move 10.5.2014

    buen entreno Mario, lo màs interesante es la media de pulso 144, genial.

  • Tonisanchez

    22.4.2014 @ Mario24

    Que tal Mario, como te encuentras esta semana con el entreno de descarga. Mejores sensaciones?

  • Tonisanchez

    4.4.2014 @ Move 4.4.2014

    lLa base aeróbica pasó a mejor vida, descanse en paz...

  • Mario24

    3.4.2014 @ Move 1.4.2014

    Como que no... Lo que pasa que tuve que grabar un circuito y entonces hice 2 sesiones

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  • 5:00 per kilometer

    6.5.2013, hansem
    Running, Competition

    World record mara...

    28.11.2012, Movescount
    Running, Counter

    Ever wonder how you are doing compared to the best? With this App you will know. Using your real-time pace (distance and duration), the app shows you how far away you are from the world record marathon holder while you try your best. Set it in one of your running modes and race against the champion!


    Half-marathon time

    6.11.2012, Movescount
    Running, Estimate

    Half-marathon time calculates your estimated finish time for a half-marathon in real-time. This is a great tool when striving for a new personal best. Include this app in your running mode and use it pace yourself to reach your goal.


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