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Female, 40 years, Consett, UK
Aerobics, Climbing, Crosstrainer… (+10 more)

What motivates me? I guess I have an 'Inner-Motivation'. I train solo, so I have no one to push me, but myself.

--- New Years challenges: ---11 Sportives. --- Cycle 4500 miles. ***Now going for 6000 miles***. --- At least one 100km ride, every month. --- My first 100 miler-DONE.

Cycling for 2013 (My goal was to cycle 4000 miles in 2013): 4342 miles, climbing 310426ft over 170 moves. Average distance: 21 miles

2:56'45 Cycling
1 weeks ago

Side of leg/hip

Photo by LoneRider
2:56'45 Cycling
1 weeks ago


Photo by LoneRider
4:23'32.6 Cycling
3 weeks ago

I don't see this every ride haha

Photo by LoneRider
4:20'01.8 Mountain biking
4 weeks ago

Path to Esh Winning

Photo by LoneRider
1:48'20 Mountain biking

Sunniside Farm track

Photo by LoneRider
3:28'17.1 Cycling

Meadows Edge - Sunset

Photo by LoneRider
3:28'17.1 Cycling

Meadows Edge - Getting Dark

Photo by LoneRider
3:28'17.1 Cycling

Comb Bridges - Night

Photo by LoneRider
4:47'21.5 Cycling

Top of Chapel Fell from St John's Chapel

Photo by LoneRider
4:47'21.5 Cycling


Photo by LoneRider
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  • JaakkoT

    4 days ago @ LoneRider

    Sorry for the crash! Hope you feel better and recover quickly! Keep the spirits high o/

    • LoneRider

      3 days ago

      Thanks Jaakko! Back on the bike again :) Looking to be out everyday this week :-O haha :-D

  • Dutch69

    4 days ago @ Move 27.10.2014

    You crashed??? What happened??? I'm sorry if I missed your post when it happened, I hope nothing seriously messed up. But sounds like your on the upswing, hope your recovery continues to go well!!!!

    • LoneRider

      4 days ago

      move43644043 That was the ride I 'slid' off at about 15-20mph. Scabbing over nice now and a lovely bruise on my hip :)

  • LoneRider

    6 days ago @ Move 22.10.2014

    Yep, very sore :( Hoping for an off roader tomorrow so I guess that will be the test :/ I think desgners should incorporate some hip/side padding into lycra shorts!

  • RobAdair

    6 days ago @ Move 22.10.2014

    That look sore!! I notice you finished your ride still...well done:O I highly recommend some lightweight knee/elbow protection, just got some myself and it doesn't restrict movement or hinder in any way;)

  • Dutch69

    3.10.2014 @ Move 30.9.2014

    I love the Meadows Edge photo.

    • LoneRider

      4 weeks ago

      This ride was to acclimatise me to riding in the dark!

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    Conquered Rookhope Climb


    Mountain biking 3:46'53.1 Average heart rate 154 bpm, 52.48 km.
    Home - Parkhead Station [Via Road] - The Ruins - Rookhope - Parkhead Station - Home (On Cycle Path)


    Great North Bike Ride 2011


    Cycling 4:50'11.5 Average heart rate 146 bpm, 90.91 km.
    Great North Bike Ride, 20+ mph winds. Great, fun ride. On Specialized Rockhopper


    Hell of Hexham 2013


    Cycling 4:00'04.5 Average heart rate 148 bpm, 88.01 km.
    Wiggle Hell of Hexham Sportive short course: Hexham Racecourse - Langley - Catton - Ninebanks - Carrshields - Coalcleugh - Allenheads - Rookhope - Hunstanworth - Blanchland - Winnowshill - Millshield - Barleyhill - Dukesfield - Juniper - Ordley - Newbiggen - Hexham Racecourse. Very pleased with my time, it was a very windy course! Wind speeds: ESE 17mph (30-40mph gusts). Temperature: 8-11C


    The Beast 2013


    Cycling 4:00'28.9 Average heart rate 146 bpm, 78.21 km.
    Official Beast ride. 15 minutes faster than last year. Wind speeds: S 8-13mph (20mph gusts). Temperature: 4-10C

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    100 mile | 10,550ft of Climbing


    Cycling 9:05'44.5 Average heart rate 146 bpm, 164.0 km.
    My first 100 mile ride: Delves Lane - Healeyfield - B6278 - A68 - Around Derwent Reservoir - Edmundbyers - B6278 - Meadows Edge/Bale Hill - Blanchland - Hunstanworth - Rookhope - Allenheads - B6295 - Nenthead - A689 - St John's Chapel - B6277 - Middleton-in-Teesdale - B6278 - Stanhope - Wolsingham - B6296 - B6297 - Thornley - Tow Law - B6301 - Cornsay Colliery - Quebec - Wilks Hill - Cornsay - Browney Bank - Humberhill Lane - Delves Lane. Very hilly ride, including the two highest paved roads in England: Killhope Cross and Harthope Moss, both 2000+ft above sea level. ----- Wind speeds: ENE 3-12mph. Temperature: 13-23C


    8th fastest female


    Cycling 3:49'25.9 Average heart rate 154 bpm, 101.0 km.
    Virgin Money Cyclone Sportive: (Official timing - 03:48:45) Newcastle Falcons Rugby Club - Woolsington - Ponteland - Kirkley - Whalton - Netherwitton - Forestburn Gate - Coldrife - Cambo - Wallington - Kirkharle - Little Bavington - Colwell - Ryal - Matfen - Fenwick - Stamfordham - Dalton - Medburn - Black Callerton - Newcastle Falcons Rugby Club. ----- Great effort and I like that Max speed! Not to mention the average speed. That may be my first 16+mph ride ----- 8th fastest female out of about 200 female riders and 95th out of male and female for the 63 mile route. Out of about 1250 riders. ----- Wind speeds: NNW 5-11mph. Temperature: 14-16C


    8900ft of Climbing


    Cycling 5:51'01.2 Average heart rate 148 bpm, 105.1 km.
    Delves Lane - Dyke Nook - Whitehall - Waskerley - Meadows edge/Bale Hale - Hunstanworth - Rookhope - Ireshopeburn - St John's Chapel - Chapel Fell - Return.----65 miles 8900ft of climbing???? Lol :)---April's 100km ride. -----Wind speeds: SE 10mph (15mph gusts). Temperature: 4C

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    June is pritty wet here in the Great Britain! Lots of preperation for the Olympics going on! Have u got tickets? Or will you be watching?

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    I changed the name into Ambit & t6d/c lovers. I have used the t6d for years with satisfaction. Now I also have the AMBIT: WOW!


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    Great to have you in this group, have a nice ride with your bikes!

    I exercise to eat

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    So 2014 Is here. Spring is nearly turning to summer in the north and the winter is nearly upon us in the south. For me its that time of year for hearty stews, buttered beans and large slabs of fresh bread with lashings of butter. Would I do another 1 hour on the bicycle for that? You bet! :-) Eat well and exercise often :-)

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    Running, Guidance

    Want to know the real incline of the hill or mountain you are heading up? Use this App to find out. Set this in one of your custom sport modes and press lap when starting each climb to see your real-time incline.


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