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Circuit training, Cycling, Indoor cycling… (+12 more)

If you stay inside your comfort zone, you can make it. If you go outside, you fall. If you go on the edge, you win. Racing is a process of learning where that edge lies. - C COOPER 1994 World Cup Downhill Champion

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    Hi there folks! You all enjoying the new look & feel of I sure am!

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    Mountainbike group for all loving xc,am,enduro,dh, freeride or whatever u name the time spend on your bike

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    How is your running going?

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    20.2.2014, kemetter
    Pool swimming, Counter

    Count how many pool lengths you have been swimming


    Workout and Refuel

    9.9.2013, Movescount
    Running, Consumption

    Inspired by Aleksandra Mikołajczak and Miriam Plana, this App will help you fuel your body the right way after your exercise by showing you how many grams of fat, protein and carbs you should eat. The App is all about energy consumption.


    HR Zones (Karvonen)

    24.5.2013, guigui

    Target HR zones calculated with the Karvonen Formula: ((HRmax - HRrest) * %intensity ) + HRrest = THR (Target HR) The App will write down the zone# + the description, for example: Zn 1 Easy / Zn 2 Mod (for moderate), etc. The intensity levels are set to 60-70-80-90 percent, but you can change them in the custom variables if you copy and edit the App.


    Alarm storm (beep)

    5.5.2013, sebbm72
  • 5

    Tabata Beep

    4.5.2013, DTee
    Running, Training

    Standard Tabata protocol interval timer. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, 8 Reps. Beeps on each change. Not compatible with the original Ambit. Image from



    12.4.2013, Movescount

    Shows the time of next sunset or sunrise, whichever is predicted to come first.


    incline of the hi...

    1.2.2013, kurts87
    Mountaineering, Tools for daily use

    shows the incline of the hill or mountain in degrees it shows the average incline, not in real-time!! you need to start a new lap in order to evaluate this value correctly explanation: to evaluate this value i aproximate the arcsinus function with Taylor polynomial. As function's argument i used ascent to distance ratio. This aproximation gives value with an accuracy to one sign after dot.


    Cadence Target

    15.12.2012, aussieoldboy
    Running, Training

    Displays the variance in average cadence against 180 steps/min target. This will assist runners to maintain the 180 steps/min guideline that appears in several running form manuals (EG; POSE, CHI and Natural running). NB. Requires Suunto Foot Pod

  • 11335

    Current incline

    29.11.2012, Movescount
    Running, Guidance

    Want to know the real incline of the hill or mountain you are heading up? Use this App to find out. Set this in one of your custom sport modes and press lap when starting each climb to see your real-time incline. NOTE: This Suunto App cannot be logged at the moment. You can use the app in your watch, but the results are not visible in the Move in Movescount.


    Average stride le...

    28.11.2012, Movescount
    Running, Counter

    If you are working on your running technique, this is a great App to help you perfect your stride. Stride length has a direct impact on your metabolic efficiency. Every runner has a different stride, and the stride also depends on footwear. Set it as one of your views in your running mode to see the length of your stride as you run. To find your optimal stride, use this App to test what stride length feels best while you are running at a moderate intensity (60-70% max HR). NOTE: Requires Foot POD. NOTE: This Suunto App cannot be logged at the moment. You can use the app in your watch, but the results are not visible in the Move in Movescount.


    Climb counter

    6.11.2012, Movescount
    Trail running, Counter

    Climb counter is for running hill sprints. After a couple sprints, it’s easy to lose count. Climb counter keeps track of how many sprints you have done. Just push the lap button once at the top of the first hill. After that, the app will count each sprint and show you the current total count.


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