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Male, 33 years, Kappel am Albis, Switzerland
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"It's the possibility of a dream come true that makes life interesting"

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  • Iisondfels

    4 weeks ago @ KerberPatrick

    habe euren Flug vom Ochs gesehen ... grossartige Leistung.... und auch einen Gruss an Simon...

    • KerberPatrick

      3 weeks ago

      Vielen, vielen Dank :) das war wirklich ein ganz schöner Flug der wir uns zuerst verdienen mussten ;) ...sag ich ihm gerne ;)

  • Silvia67

    4 weeks ago @ Move 20.9.2014

    bin sprachlos und ohne Worte ist eben schwer was zu sagen :-))))

    • KerberPatrick

      3 weeks ago

      Hallo Silvia :) besten Dank... aber sprachlos bin ich wenn ich deine Leistungen anschau, da kann ich mich nur weit hinten anstellen ;)

  • Silvia67

    4 weeks ago @ KerberPatrick

    Hello Superman! Grossartig :-)))

    • KerberPatrick

      3 weeks ago

      Hallo Ultrawomen ;) vielen Dank...bin schwer beeindruckt was Du an Ausdauer und körperlichen Anstrengungen leistest :)

  • TerhoLahtinen

    12.8.2014 @ Move 10.8.2014

    Hi Patrick, this is Terho from Suunto. Nice flight again! Would you be interested in chatting about your approach to flying and in general about the sport? We are trying to understand a bit better different action sports to be more relevant for that kind of activities in the future. If yes, drop a mail to at some point.

    • KerberPatrick


      Thank you very much Terho :)…I just sent you a email ;)...

  • GaetanoBianchi

    10.3.2014 @ Move 9.3.2014

    Cool !

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    counting trees


    Trekking 4:13'47, 4.79 km.
    what a great day :-) i just found this jump a couple of month ago and it's a lot of fun to fly from this spot. it is really on, when you are the first person to ever fly a new spot, espacially when the landing area is more then 2km away. there is a lot of training and knowledge behind such a jump. i'm looking forward to jump there again, because there is great potentional to fly closer to the wall on the right side ;-) on, take care out there...


    just living our dream


    Trekking 2:53'41, 8.31 km.
    Being in the air with my buddy Björn, this is always a lot of fun...sharing such a special moment with him always makes me smile. I can't wait for our next flight together...;-)


    "Brrr..., but not because it's cold!"


    Trekking 2:37'51, 7.91 km.
    Cool flight...i like my suunto wingsuit more and more. I'm learning something on every flight and this is just the beginning of the season. I'm also happy with the speed of the suit, but there is still lots of range left. Looking forward to next flight...;-)


    "a white day"


    Trekking 4:24'47, 7.59 km.
    This was a big dream of mine. To make it possible to fly of this mountain in the cold and snowy winter time. It was kind of difficult to reach the exitpoint, because of the snow and ice. I was really happy as soon i was in the air ;-)...a big dream came true. Definitely a more then great expirience to be up there by my self and make this happen...

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    Happy flying with the AMBIT from SUUNTO!


    Trekking 1:02'58.4 Average heart rate 159 bpm, 5.22 km.
    I took the Ambit to the hard test and all I can say is, this watch is amazing. The Ambit is for me the greatest sports watch and training device that I ever came across. I look forward to take the Ambit to even harder challenges ;) ! Thank you SUUNTO for this unique piece of technology!


    testing my new SUUNTO AMBIT and my new wingsuit


    Trekking 1:59'13.4 Average heart rate 160 bpm, 5.42 km.
    Wow, that was a really cool flight. The visuals with the clouds were super nice and a bit scary ;-). I'm so happy with my new SUUNTO Ambit and my brand new wingsuit. I'm stoked and really impressed how extremly accurate the Ambit is. This watch simply covers all my needs in all of my sport activitys. The Ambit is for me not just a watch, this piece of technology became my favorite outdoor tool right away. Thank you to SUUNTO for the amazing Ambit and for my brand new wingsuit made by flyyourbody


    playing with the 'core' made by flyyourbody


    Trekking 3:41'22.7 Average heart rate 152 bpm, 5.86 km.
    What a cool weekend ;-) ...I love my new SUUNTO wingsuit made by Flyyourbody. It is simply amazing to fly it and there is so much more potential in it :-) ...can't wait to be in the air again! And the best thing is that i have now all my data recorded in one piece with my new SUUNTO Ambit ;-) this watch just blows me away!


    Test flight with my new SUUNTO wingsuit


    Trekking 2:19'48, 7.24 km.
    Thank you to SUUNTO, Flyyourbody and a special thank to Stéphane Zunino for making me this amazing and great wingsuit. Thank you for making this dream come true. Looking forward to the next test flights :-)

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    The highest BASE jump exit point on the Eiger!


    Mountaineering 5:20'36, 14.16 km.
    A really big dream comes true ;) I couldn't be more happy that I was able to do this amazing and beautiful flight. One of the most famous mountains around the world, and I was able to be the first human being to leap off the highest possible BASE jump exit point on this mystic mountain. The climb was really great too and my Suunto Ambit showed me exactly where I had to go ;). Thank you to Suunto for the great support over all these years.


    The search for the world's biggest BASE jump!


    Mountaineering 7:12'04, 12.61 km.
    This Project is a huge dream come true for me. The idea to do this flight was born almost 10 years ago and I had to wait for so long until the technology of this new wingsuit was finally ready. Thank you to Suunto for the great support over all these years... :)


    white days


    Trekking 1:22'18.3 Average heart rate 135 bpm, 7.17 km.
    There are moments in life when you should not just look with your eyes. Much more though with you understanding of what you are capable of ;). Everything around me gets quiet and all i feel is perfection. In this perfection I feel free :) ...


    white days


    Trekking 1:17'21.5 Average heart rate 148 bpm, 5.95 km.
    Definitely one of my favorite lines to fly, especially with so much snow :). The wall is huge and it makes you feel like a little ant with wings ;). I'm not gonna lie it is kind of scary to jump of this wall, but its so much fun and freedom that I can't resist :P...

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    white days


    Trekking 4:31'34.1 Average heart rate 157 bpm, 10.66 km.
    I love it to fly in the winter :). There for it can be hard to find the jump off point, as everything is covered with a white soft blanked :). One really good reason to own a Ambit, right ? ;)


    First ever wingsuit BASE flight of the Spannort!


    Mountaineering 6:00'50.6 Average heart rate 138 bpm, 10.63 km.
    Another beautiful flight from a mountain that has never been jumped :) so stoked and happy about it ;) thank you to Simon Wandeler for this great day. It was a real pleasure to stand up there with you :) ...All i can say is, I'm super happy with my new Ambit3 :D... A huge thank you to SUUNTO , PHOENIX-FLY and KERBER AG for their great support :)


    Solo wingsuit BASE flight of the Engelhorn peak!


    Mountaineering 5:39'51.6, 9.84 km.
    I'm so happy that I was able to realize this dream and idea :) I was the first human being to jump from this particular spot on October 1st 2011 with two additional climber and friends helping me to get up there. My dream to approach this climb and jump by myself was getting bigger and bigger. This year I felt it and was sure that I can pull it off :). The tricky thing was to find the route again and as one can see in the GPS log, I took the wrong way at some point and had to climb back down a part of the route. Fact is the only reason why I found my way up in the end, was my AMBIT 2 :D as I had the climbing route as a GPS track saved ;)....So a big thank you to SUUNTO and the AMBIT 2 for pointing me in the right direction :D....Just recieved the AMBIT 3 now, let's find out if she will lead me the way just as good. really excited to find out :D


    First ever wingsuit BASE flight of the Ochs peak!


    Mountaineering 10:09'56.9, 18.89 km.
    I'm so happy about this move :D … It was so incredible and amazing to be the first humans that have ever BASE jumped off the Ochs peak in Switzerland ;) … Another big dream come true for me :) … A huge thank you to SUUNTO , PHOENIX-FLY and KERBER AG … A very special thank you to my buddy Simon Wandeler :D

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