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Male, 53 years, Regensburg, Deutschland
Circuit training, Cycling, Gymnastics… (+8 more)

Die meisten Dinge im Leben, die etwas wert sind, bringen ein gewisses Maß an Leiden mit sich!

1:57'16.5 Running



Photo by Joska

0:10'15.9 Cycling


Bergzeitrennen Premberg Start

Photo by Joska

5:10'36.9 Mountaineering


Guffert Spitze

Photo by Joska

2:26'04.7 Running



Photo by Joska
  • 13 Moves

    14:52 h

    129.4 km

    7369 kcal

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  • nsalomo

    16.12.2013 @ Joska

    Hi Sepp, so ist recht :-) ich werde diesen nicht mitlaufen :-( bin in meiner Vorbereitung für den IM Klagenfurt und im Anschluss auf meine Ultras wie UTMB usw. Aber ich würde mich freuen, wenn wir mal am Wochenende einen Lauf zusammen machen können. Ich gebe Dir mal meine Rufnummer , 0170-7981308 Gruß Normann

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  • 10

    Regensburg Marathon


    Running 3:21'10.4, 42.61 km.
    Regensburg Marathon ohne Pulsgurt


    München Marathon


    Running 3:11'41.4 Average heart rate 171 bpm, 42.20 km.
    München Marathon neue PB, super Rennen


    12.Neumarkter Stadtlauf


    Running 1:28'39 Average heart rate 176 bpm, 21.10 km.
    12.Neumarkter Stadtlauf, trotz Schmuddelwetter neue PB


    Regensburg Marathon


    Running 3:23'25 Average heart rate 170 bpm, 42.20 km.
    neue PB

  • 20

    See(h)lauf Neutraubling 10km


    Running 0:40'00.7 Average heart rate 179 bpm, 10.09 km.
    See(h)lauf Neutraubling 10km, neue PB


    Halbmarathon Kallmünz


    Running 1:29'18.7 Average heart rate 178 bpm, 21.10 km.
    Frühlingslauf Kallmünz, Halbmarathon neue PB, super gelaufen


    6. Rainer Volkslauf


    Running 0:39'26.6 Average heart rate 182 bpm, 10.00 km.
    Rainer Volkslauf 10 km neue PB sub 40 erfüllt !

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    Ein sonniges Hallo an alle Mitglieder ! Nun sind wir schon über 100, toll. Ich wünsche Euch viel Spaß beim Training. Sportliche Grüsse aus dem Rhein-Main-Gebiet

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    The Ambit3 Connected family is launched and kicking!

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    I changed the name into Ambit & t6d/c lovers. I have used the t6d for years with satisfaction. Now I also have the AMBIT: WOW!

  • 13 Apps

  • Laufleistung

    4.2.2014, TrailRunFun
    Running, Performance

    Berechnung der momentanen Laufleistung ohne ber�cksichjtigung der Steigung P=Gewicht * Erdbeschleunigung * Schritte/s * Schwerpunkthub

    EPOC from TE

    4.1.2014, SiRoB1

    Retrieves EPOC by using Training Effect and Activity class.

    Powermeter 2.0

    23.7.2013, pfandi
    Cycling, Performance

    Leistungsberechnung im Untergriff nach Powercalculation Bugfix: wrong calculation of climb rate

    TRIMP estimator v2

    1.5.2013, or_watching_apps
    Running, Training

    v2: adds conditional check to remove bogus negative values during early part of run. tt is not formally the TRIMP calcuation. It's an estimate for works well for me. Maybe it will be somewhat accurate for some other folks. It is a formula using HR_Avg and Calories "fitted" (2 variable 2nd order polynomal) to TRIMP values from all my 2012 activities from SportTracks3 Training Load (author = mecht, using Zone-based defaults).

  • Average Pace (min...

    17.3.2013, harrip01
    Running, Training

    Ongoing average pace calculation for a run.



    22.2.2013, pfandi
    Cycling, Training

    Leistungsberechnung im Untergriff nach Powercalculation


    Relative Power in...

    2.1.2013, adub
    Cycling, Training

    VAM is calculated the following way: VAM = (metres ascended x 60) / Minutes it took to ascend A standard unit term with the same meaning is Vm/h, vertical meters per hour; the two are used interchangeably. The relationship between VAM and relative power output is expressed as follows: Relative power (Watts/kg) = VAM (meters/hour) / (Gradient factor x 100) This gradient factor ranges between 2.6 for a gradient of 6% and 3.1 for a gradient of 11%. To work out the gradient factor take 2 + (% grade/10)


    Relative Power (w...

    30.11.2012, adub
    Cycling, Training

    Relative Power (Watts/kg) = VAM (meters/hour) / (Gradient factor x 100)

  • 5

    Bike Trainer Power

    30.11.2012, Hully
    Indoor cycling, Training

    This formula uses the published power formula by Kurt Kinetic to create a power reading in watts to use on the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine trainer. It is in Kmph.


    Leistung physikal...

    30.11.2012, stephanbraun

    Berechnet die Physikalische Leistung (mit Leistungs-km) Leistung=Arbeit/Zeit P=W/t [Watt=J/s] [Watt=Joule/Sekunde]; Arbeit=Kraft*Weg W=F*s [ J=N*m] [ Joule=Newton*Meter]; Kraft=Masse*(Erd-)Beschleunigung F=m*g [N=kg*(m/s^2)]


    Average stride le...

    28.11.2012, Movescount
    Running, Counter

    If you are working on your running technique, this is a great App to help you perfect your stride. Stride length has a direct impact on your metabolic efficiency. Every runner has a different stride, and the stride also depends on footwear. Set it as one of your views in your running mode to see the length of your stride as you run. To find your optimal stride, use this App to test what stride length feels best while you are running at a moderate intensity (60-70% max HR). NOTE: Requires Foot POD.


    Half-marathon time

    6.11.2012, Movescount
    Running, Estimate

    Half-marathon time calculates your estimated finish time for a half-marathon in real-time. This is a great tool when striving for a new personal best. Include this app in your running mode and use it pace yourself to reach your goal.

  • 11317

    Marathon time

    6.11.2012, Movescount
    Running, Estimate

    Marathon time calculates your estimated finish time for a full marathon in real-time. This is a great tool when striving for a new personal goal. Include this App in your running mode and use it pace yourself to reach your goal.


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