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Male, 54 years, Hartebeespoort, South Africa
Boxing, Circuit training, Climbing… (+12 more)

Staying is top class shape is what motivates me! I am a part-time spinning instructor at the local gym. I swim, run, spin and gym, a well as do a lot of outdoor activities, including mountain climbing and canoeing!

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  • CaspianTiger

    15.1.2012 @ JohnComley

    We have ten competition teams from the World group to join for monthly and annually team completions. Please visit the World group page for more info.

    We have the individual competition for only women in the new team Women

  • sweetlove147

    17.10.2011 @ JohnComley

    my name is Elizabeth i want to be your friend , i saw your profile and became interested, So i will like you to contact me back through my private mail address ( ) So that i can tell you more about my self and send to you my photo. thanks Elizabeth

  • JohnComley

    10.8.2011 @ Move 10.8.2011

    45min spinning . . . . training effect 4.2, 882kcal!!! Spinning is kick-ass!!!

  • JohnComley

    26.5.2011 @ Move 26.5.2011

    Spinning HAS to be the coolest exercise IN THE WORLD!!!!

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    T.E. = 5!! Awesome!!


    Indoor cycling 1:41'55.7 Average heart rate 149 bpm.


    Stirling Castle HIIT!


    Running 0:17'23.1 Average heart rate 147 bpm.
    Ran up and down the Stirling Castle hill, basically from the town, up to the castle, and down, and then around and around the circle road! Really hectic HIIT!! Wild intervals!!

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    C'mon guys, join up! I challenge you to get onto the leaderboard of MOST spinning moves! Or how about MOST calories burnt in spinning classes?

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    Calling all Ciscoans . . . lets get fit together! Join up today and log those moves!


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