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Male, 44 years, Vantaa, Finland
Alpine skiing, Circuit training, Crosscountry skiing… (+9 more)

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    Tartu Rattamaraton 2012


    Mountain biking 4:13'48.4 Average heart rate 156 bpm, 89.00 km.
    The 15th Tartu Rattamaraton 89 km race in Estonia starting from Otepää end ending to Elva in relatively wet conditions. Heavy rain on Saturday evening damped the course and that combined with more than 3 000 participants made the course soft in places, especially in the woods after about 50 km from the start. The fields were ok as well as the gravel roads and paths.

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    Hi all, 149 days to go today! There is now also an Movescount event for 2011 for sharing results etc:


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    The rain and flood has gone . Now its time to catch up and make some ground on you guys

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    Responsive Marathon Time Forecast

    Running, Estimate. Michael_M

    This forecast is responsive to speed changes during the race. There are clear benefits for using current lap pace based forecast for finish time. E.g. first minutes are often slower, because of traffic, and thus average speed is clearly behind target in early race. Don't panic, stride faster when you can and you get quickly new realistic forecast from this App. Check values below. After 10 minutes still 41km left, but forecast shows that pace is good enough to finish under 3h. Average speed based estimates are also often too optimistic in late race. This App reacts quickly to pace drop and gives you early warning. It's again time to stride faster to reach your target! I made this forecast based on my own experience in long distance running. This is something that I have calculated always during the race to estimate how it will end up. In future, I let this App handle the calculations for me. I hope you find it useful too!


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