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Male, 41 years, Almere, The Netherlands
Cycling, Mountain biking, Multisport… (+3 more)

Goal 2014 sub 10 hour.

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  • lilcoyote6

    5 days ago @ IronMartijn

    ( I just moved from New Orleans to San Diego so for me it was cold water. I have only used my wetsuit twice . I have to learn g=how to sight because I have to stop and look up to see where I am . I also can only breathe off my left side. Today the waves were coming in from that side so I swallowed a lot. But I Finished!!! This week I will hit the pool and practice. How are you?

  • lilcoyote6

    5 days ago @ IronMartijn

    This may seem silly but I did my first ever open water swim in rough water today !!! I stopped a bunch of times to get my bearings but I wasn't tired. Now I know I need to practice sighting and breathing on my other side. I am so proud. Sorry, it's the little things in life. Hope all is well

  • lilcoyote6

    1 weeks ago @ IronMartijn

    Good luck. I enjoy reading your workouts.

  • Z_74

    2 weeks ago @ Move 12.7.2014

    BE ADVISED: Ambit3 bound to be released in mid September.

  • Z_74

    2 weeks ago @ Move 11.7.2014

    Good run, good run. Keep it up, m8!

    • IronMartijn

      2 weeks ago

      Thanks ! Hope it works out with the shock waves

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    Traithlon Almere 2011


    Triathlon 10:52'16 Average heart rate 148 bpm.


    Amsterdam Marathon 2011


    Running 3:31'02 Average heart rate 170 bpm, 42.20 km.
    Marathon Amsterdamed !


    IronMan France 2011


    Triathlon 11:14'29.3 Average heart rate 152 bpm, 226.0 km.
    IronMan Nice # 445 overall, 101 agegroup, swim 01:00:58 bike 05:54:00 run 04:05:00 40 degrees !!!

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