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Male, 27 years, Sabadell, Spain
Climbing, Mountain biking, Running… (+2 more)
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  • lizgor

    21.5.2010 @ Daknife

    Pues lo he leido hoy!! Si quieres seguir los entrenos que nos pone día a día están en mi web y en la de Mens Health. Seguro que lo consigues todo está en la cabeza, y en los entrenos... lo digo así de fácil, jajajaja, a ver si lo consigo yo. Un abrazo!

  • lizgor

    20.5.2010 @ Daknife

    Estamos en el mismo sueño, un ironman!!!

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    Welcome to the Where is the limit? Mafia!!! :-)

    Buscando un Ironman

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    Yo ya soy finisher ¿y tú?

    Trail Running

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    How is your running going?

    Triathlon is THE sport

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    Summer is gone.. winter comes!

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    Suunto Ambit family users

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    The Ambit family is once again growing in march with the new Ambit2 R for runners! I updated the group name to be the Suunto Ambit family users in stead of Ambit, Ambit2, Ambit2 S and Ambit2 R users

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    Storm Alarm

    12.4.2013, Movescount

    Gives a storm alarm when sea level air pressure drops fast enough. The gradient limit is 4hPa per 3 hours.



    12.4.2013, Movescount

    Shows the time of next sunset or sunrise, whichever is predicted to come first.


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