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Certified triathlon coach, mixing Zen principles with training to turn people into athletes!

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    All butterfly double-crossing of Lake Bryan.


    Openwater swimming 1:46'15.1, 3.96 km.
    Double crossing of Lake Bryan, all butterfly! Yes, ALL BUTTERFLY! Super cool. :) Took very short breaks every 8 minutes or so. Also started, finished, and got out on other side on dry land. Time includes about 5 minutes of standing on dry land on far side while talking with Jessie and Kai, and time walking in and out of water on sharp rocks. Also, path is all crazy because of water messing with GPS signal. I measured path on Google Maps and it was 2.46 miles.


    5k race. Won my age group!


    Running 0:19'45.2 Average heart rate 173 bpm, 4.99 km.


    Day 3 of 10 miles a day of swimming


    Pool swimming 4:55'20.1, 16.50 km.
    PERFECT FUELING! 3 scoops of maltodextrin per hour. Also, 3 servings of Hornet Juice, some sea salt, and one caffeine pill spread out over the 5 hours. Supplimented with Perpetuem solids on rare occasion in case I wasn't feeling super strong. NO OILS!


    10.9 mile swim!


    Pool swimming 4:59'56, 17.56 km.
    19,200 meter swim (5 hours) at TAMU pool. 3 scoop of carbo pro and .25 teaspoon of sea salt per hour, 3 packets of hornet juice, and two squirts of flax oil as my mixture. Stopped for a sip every 20 minutes. Fueling worked GREAT. Link to workout stats here -

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    8.8 mile swim. Yikes!


    Pool swimming 4:00'40, 14.16 km.
    4 hour swim, 8.8 miles, 15,150 yards. Chlorine induced asthma kicked in at two hours. Started feeling sick to stomach at 3.5 hours. Fuel - olive and flax oil (don't do that again!), Odwalla superfood juice, Carbo Pro, and Hornet Juice.


    Rockin' 4 hour ride.


    Cycling 4:00'00.5 Average heart rate 129 bpm, 124.2 km.
    Wow! Perfect fueling leads to great performances! This is all zone 2 as well. 2.5 scoops carbo pro and 1 scoop gatorade powder per hour with some sea salt sprinkled in.


    Rocky Raccoon 50 mile trail race


    Running 9:47'02.5 Average heart rate 135 bpm, 81.57 km.

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    Running, Training. kemetter

    Orthostatic heart rate test is a common way of testing state of recovery. Make an own sport mode for this purpose, set GPS OFF and recording interval to 1 second. Do this test every morning by creating a six and a half minute log. Follow the result on daily basis and detect problems before it is too late. Your body will react differently depending on the state of recovery, illness or overtraining. Follow your own values to learn how your body works. Procedure: 5 minutes average rest HR when laying down - beep - stand up and wait half a minute - beep - 1 minute average HR while standing - beep - end


    Ironman Bike Time Remaining

    Cycling, Estimate. CoachBrett

    Determines how much time you have left based on the average speed of your last lap.

    Time in zone as Polar do!!!

    Cycling, Performance. pa7a7oz

    show the cumulative time in minutes over each heart rate zone (1, 2, ,3 , 4 and 5) as polar do... you must add an other app on an other row (upside or downside) showing the heart rate zone (1,2,3,4 or 5) to have at the same time the heart rate zone and the time in zone.


    Normalized Power

    Cycling, Training. kemetter

    Normalized Power (NP) is a training tool developed by Cycling Peaks (Training Peaks). It was developed to account for the variables associated with riding: wind, hills, sprints, steady state, etc. Using average power does not account for these variables, however NP does.

  • ZenTri Next Gel

    Training. CoachBrett

    Calculates next gel using lap function and expended energy, based on 4 gels per hour for zone 2.


    Instantaneous % Grade

    Cycling, Performance. BJammin

    This app uses the vertical speed and horizontal speed to calculate the grade (in percent). This metric is useful in cycling and is the common unit to describe steepness.


    CycleOps Fluid2 Power

    Training. CoachBrett

    Calculate live power from your Fluid2 trainer! Built with love by


    Swimming Pool LAP Counter

    Pool swimming, Training. Unruheherdt

    Count your laps by pushing the LAP butten only once after finishing the first lap. GPS must be turned off and Alti_Baro profile has to be set as 'Alti'! Note: If you stop for a rest in between your laps, remember to push Start/Stop button (pause), to get more accurate data.

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    Hill climb - Gradient

    Cycling, Training. kenta206

    Gradient %


    Gel Alert

    Triathlon, Consumption. JanneKallio

    This App indicates when to take the next gel. This is based on the 2g carbohydrates / weight in hour suggestion. This is also based on powerbar gel. When you use this, push lap button after taking a gel. It provides info on when to take the next one.


    50 Mile time remaining

    Running, Estimate. CoachBrett

    How much time left until you finish your 50 mile ultra run? Now you know! Made with love by


    25m Swimming pool counter

    Pool swimming, Counter. Ayendr

    So confusing when you swim back and forth trying to count the pools to know the distance.. With this app, you won't need to, just press the lap button every time you push from the pool wall and get the distance on screeen! Works for 25m pool

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    Show Recovery Time

    Consumption. guigui

    Show your Recovery Time in hours during your exercise with the use of an HR belt.


    Ironman Bike Timer

    Cycling, Competition. CoachBrett

    Uses average speed of previous lap to calculate how long you have left to finish your Ironman bike ride.


    Current incline

    Running, Guidance. Movescount

    Want to know the real incline of the hill or mountain you are heading up? Use this App to find out. Set this in one of your custom sport modes and press lap when starting each climb to see your real-time incline.


    10K time remaining

    Running, Estimate. Movescount

    There are many ways to guide your exercise intensity. Controlling pace is one of them. And 10K time remaining is a great way to stay on top of your pace. The App shows how much time is left until 10K is reached. Set it in your running mode and use the remaining time shown to help you adjust speed and avoid fatigue.

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    How hard

    Guidance. Movescount

    Using heart rates zones is a useful way to control your exercise intensity. But if you need more precise guidance, this is the App for you. This app shows real-time intensity based on your own maximum heart rate. Set it in one of your custom sports modes and let your real-time exercise intensity guide you.


    Half-marathon time

    Running, Estimate. Movescount

    Half-marathon time calculates your estimated finish time for a half-marathon in real-time. This is a great tool when striving for a new personal best. Include this app in your running mode and use it pace yourself to reach your goal.


    Climb counter

    Trail running, Counter. Movescount

    Climb counter is for running hill sprints. After a couple sprints, it’s easy to lose count. Climb counter keeps track of how many sprints you have done. Just push the lap button once at the top of the first hill. After that, the app will count each sprint and show you the current total count.


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