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Male, 42 years, Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Cycling, Running, Trail running
  • 29 Moves

    25:36 h

    355.4 km

    7994 kcal

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  • James_Hartshorn

    31.5.2013 @ Burnell

    Cool! I might have taken you up on the offer of pacer but you are already booked :)

  • Anonymous

    1.11.2012 @ Burnell

    <spam deleted>

  • James_Hartshorn

    16.8.2012 @ Burnell

    You might want to join the UK ultrarunners group on here, it only has 4 members so far.

    • Burnell


      Thanks James, I have joined the group.

  • James_Hartshorn

    16.8.2012 @ Burnell

    Hey Mark. I see you are down for the Winter 100, me too! I think I'd best get back into some kind of regular running soon :)

    • Burnell


      Hi James, if you fancy any long training runs or a recce of the course just let me know.

  • jules_lewis

    24.7.2012 @ Burnell

    Sorry, just saw your messages! Have no idea what to do with footpod! HR running is magic: I never realised how much I was undertraining on long runs - just ran a 12 min PB for half marathon on trail! Any tips on footpod gratefully received. Jules

    • Burnell


      Hi Jules, sorry for the delay been on holiday. The footpod, should already be setup and the watch should automatically sense it. If not, here are some great videos

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