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Female, 40 years, Helsinki, Finland
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Doing anything is better than doing nothing :)

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  • marcus37

    2 weeks ago @ BostonBelle


  • BillD

    2 weeks ago @ BostonBelle

    Sometimes early in a run, the device gives a false high heart rate. If I am running easy and my HR goes to 170, I know that is not really my heart rate.

  • BostonBelle

    2 weeks ago @ Move 11.1.2015

    Had to switch to walking due to all the snow :D

    • Dutch69

      2 weeks ago

      I like the new picture...You can never go wrong with a little snow in the background. Have a great day!!!

  • Dutch69

    3 weeks ago @ Move 6.1.2015

    Coming back!!!! Nice job, but I kinda think your nuts -12C is just plain out cold!!!! Have a great day!!!!

  • BostonBelle

    4 weeks ago @ Move 6.1.2015

    HR 224 must be due to arrhythmia. Also the temperature of -12C probably had an effect on HR in the beginning....

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    My 2nd 1/2M - goal achieved


    Running 2:11'42 Average heart rate 172 bpm, 21.10 km.
    My second 1/2M. I am not that pleased with the time, but I achieved my goal of running faster than last time, so this will do:) I think I started off a bit too fast. Something weird happens with my HR the third drink stop at 18+k, my pace doesn't slow down, but HR drops down to 132 and jumps up and down for a while - no wonder that k felt quite uncomfortable!


    Midnight Run


    Running 0:58'47 Average heart rate 174 bpm, 10.00 km.
    Helsinki Midnight Run - my 2nd 10k in less than 60min! One goal achieved!


    First 10k in uner 60min!


    Running 0:59'22 Average heart rate 171 bpm, 10.00 km.
    Achieved my first goal!!! Midsummer Run 10k in less than 60 min!


    First 1/2M ever!


    Running 2:12'05 Average heart rate 171 bpm, 20.65 km.
    Helsinki City Run - first 1/2M ever! Unfortunately they had measured the course 446m too short....

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    Messujuoksu 291212


    Running 1:02'22.2 Average heart rate 178 bpm, 10.19 km.
    Messujuoksu aka 10k indoor race with several stairs and numerous sharp turns. Official time 1.02.18. PB and new HR max!


    Cooper 2450m/12min


    Running 0:21'16.6 Average heart rate 160 bpm, 2.58 km.
    Cooper 2450m/12min, HR 173-186




    Running 1:00'00, 7.00 km.
    Endurance testing, 1km runs Lactate Beats/min Min/km 0,8 112 9:30 1,6 135 9:11 1,2 144 8:00 1,4 158 7:01 1,9 167 6:06 5,4 181 5:20 11,0 187 4:37


    Best long jog so far :)


    Running 1:49'33.8 Average heart rate 145 bpm, 15.07 km.
    Long run in perfect weather - happy, but tired

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    Runner's Twilight


    Running 1:04'14.3 Average heart rate 170 bpm, 10.01 km.
    First ever race done! Official time 1.03.42. Pleased with myself although not happy with the time, which nevertheless was expected :) Despite the average HR :) the run did not feel all that bad except for the last sprint to the finishing line :D

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  • Ambit & t6c/d lovers

    2308 members

    I changed the name into Ambit & t6d/c lovers. I have used the t6d for years with satisfaction. Now I also have the AMBIT: WOW!

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    5.10.2013, ppiioottrr
    Running, Training

    Time estimator for Marathon, Half-Marathon, 10k and 5k. This single APP shows you 4 estimations - every 3 second the screen switches between Full Marathon, Half-Marathon, 10k and 5k time estimates. It is based on the distance you covered so far (and time of course) plus the current speed (actually it is the average speed over the last 10 seconds - to exclude some random effects, like wrong read-out, or short-term slow-down or speed-up). And in case you covered already some milestones, then only valid estimates will be shown (e.g. if you are at your 12th kilometer, then only estimates for half-marathon and full-marathon will be shown). In the first few secs (before the average speed over the last 10 secs rises enough) the app will show only the current duration. The app does not take into account the 'tiredness-factor', i.e. it assumes you will manage to run at the current speed till the end of your planned distance. I plan to develop a variant of this app that would take into accoun...


    Ski Speed

    29.11.2012, dr_Atomicus
    Alpine skiing, Fun

    How fast are you skiing


    10K time remaining

    28.11.2012, Movescount
    Running, Estimate

    There are many ways to guide your exercise intensity. Controlling pace is one of them. And 10K time remaining is a great way to stay on top of your pace. The App shows how much time is left until 10K is reached. Set it in your running mode and use the remaining time shown to help you adjust speed and avoid fatigue.


    Cooper estimate

    7.11.2012, Movescount
    Running, Guidance

    This App shows you the distance you would achieve in a Cooper Test at your current pace. Set it in your running mode to see how your fitness level compares to Cooper. NOTE: This App works only when the duration of the exercise is below 12 minutes.

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    Half-marathon time

    6.11.2012, Movescount
    Running, Estimate

    Half-marathon time calculates your estimated finish time for a half-marathon in real-time. This is a great tool when striving for a new personal best. Include this app in your running mode and use it pace yourself to reach your goal.


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