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Male, 23 years, Erto e Casso, Italia
Crosscountry skiing, Indoor rowing, Mountain biking… (+3 more)

La bellezza delle montagne, e la voglia di trovare i miei limiti!!

  • 13 Moves

    12:33 h

    81.92 km

    3200 kcal

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  • feelove

    20.6.2014 @ AntonioDeFilippo

    Hello, How are you today? I wish you the best of season My name is Kosy, i will like us to become friends to discuss important issues. write me with this email address Hope to hear from you take care, Kosy

  • manuelbustelo

    7.8.2013 @ AntonioDeFilippo

    Great moves! Follow back? Regards from Andorra.

  • CraigThom

    21.1.2013 @ Move 30.9.2012

    Nice run Antonio!

  • Il_Beppuz

    17.4.2012 @ AntonioDeFilippo

    ciao ! Ma sei con montanaia racing ? Vedo anche te BIG fan di Kilian :-) mi pare che come numero di ore di allenamento ce la giochiamo sempre ! hehehe

  • RealtimeEvents

    16.3.2012 @ AntonioDeFilippo

    Hello :D Since the MC Events part has not been in very active use, we created a new kind of event. You can attend from home couch while sipping coffee :D

    This is a new ideology in which users can track each others’ Events in Realtime! At this time there will be 15 skiers racing in cross-country skiing… I hope you have time to check this and attend – and why not to invite other friends too to join :D Vuokatti_Hiihto_Live_Map_Check_this_out_-)

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    percorsi della memoria 2012


    Trail running 1:51'42.7, 25.00 km.
    gara "percorsi della memoria 2012"




    Trail running 4:35'55.5, 32.00 km.
    premana GIIR DE MONT 2012 con tranquillità 114esimo!!


    peralba sky race


    Trail running 2:44'34.3, 22.60 km.
    peralba sky race settimo assoluto


    pala mont 2012


    Trail running 1:43'25, 15.27 km.
    gara palamont 2012 quinto assoluto

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    primo giretto in zona duranno


    Trail running 2:40'18.9 Average heart rate 165 bpm, 13.03 km.

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    “Come raggiungere un traguardo? Senza fretta ma senza sosta.” Johann Wolfgang Goethe.


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    Complimenti a Stefano La Rosa, Domenico Ricatti e Francesco Bona per le ottime prestazioni ai campionati italiani assoluti di Torino!

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    Oxygen level (%)

    Mountaineering, Guidance. radku

    Oxygen level at the given altitude as percentage of maximum at the see level. Formula: (1+H+(H^2)/2+(H^3)/6+(H^4)/24)*100, with H = -ALTITUDE/7990


    Gel Alert

    Triathlon, Consumption. JanneKallio

    This App indicates when to take the next gel. This is based on the 2g carbohydrates / weight in hour suggestion. This is also based on powerbar gel. When you use this, push lap button after taking a gel. It provides info on when to take the next one.


    Real time hill incline (%)

    Trekking, Guidance. radku

    Real time hill incline as percentage (100% = 45 degrees).


    Current incline

    Running, Guidance. Movescount

    Want to know the real incline of the hill or mountain you are heading up? Use this App to find out. Set this in one of your custom sport modes and press lap when starting each climb to see your real-time incline.


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