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Male, 49 years, Boulder, United States
Adventure racing, Alpine skiing, Canoeing… (+29 more)

I tend to be the type who tells time by where the sun is in the sky, distance by the next ridge line, and effort by drops of sweat and wince lines on my face, but it doesn't hurt to have an accurate instrument tell me I'm right every once in a while.; Instagram: adamwchase

  • 60 Moves

    99:21 h

    308.8 km

    19256 kcal

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  • tmltml

    2 days ago @ Move 26.3.2015

    Great stuff and at some time you simply need to put some pics of this beautiful scenery up :-D Enjoy.

  • ohene

    1 weeks ago @ AdamChase

    Hi Adam

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    Best Regards

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  • stravi_jurce1950

    2 weeks ago @ Move 13.3.2015

    1 x backslapping...which is not always straight away, but we make it "we love it"

  • LRC_Michi

    2 weeks ago @ Move 13.3.2015

    Nice place to run!

  • bradolwin

    3 weeks ago @ Move 9.3.2015

    I spent some time mucking around this weekend. You have a Stryd? Noticed Power on your chart.

    • AdamChase

      3 weeks ago

      I do, but I don't wear it too often. It is an interesting metric but, once you know it, there isn't a lot I find myself trying to do with it. The trails are really a mess right now. I'm headed to run the Jerusalem Marathon this Friday so hopefully they'll be in better shape when I get back to town. All good with you?

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  • 12

    Halloween Bench Press Contest '14


    Weight training 1:56'00.
    New bench press challenge personal best of 215! I was struggling just after 200 but encouragement from my spotter/counter and finding a second gear got me through to a new gym record. Phew. Happy Halloween!


    Birthday #48


    Trail running 8:12'27.3, 77.49 km.
    Another birthday run in the books! Fortunately, the temps in Melbourne dropped the night before my run because I couldn't have managed 114F (44C). It was a beautiful run and the morning miles went by rather easily, especially the three laps I ran around the Tan. Thank you, Melbourne, for a wonderful birthday!


    Birthday Run #49


    Trail running 9:12'57.7, 83.63 km.
    Birthday Run #49 in the books. I got a bit lost at times in the dark, fog and rain in the first hours but then it was a more obvious course. Beautiful scenery along the Redding Marathon route on the way back down from the Shasta Dam.


    Club Med Triathlon


    Triathlon 2:18'12.9, 51.50 km.
    Third overall in the Club Med Triathlon. Not bad after a 19-year hiatus from the sport!

  • 51

    One Boulder Fitness Contest.


    Weight training 1:27'00.
    New bench press contest record at my gym: 201 reps (much touch chest and lock out at the top) of half my body weight (126lbs). The rest of the workout was mostly an effort to prevent the rigor mortis from invading my upper body.


    Birthday Run 2012, Floriday Keys/Ragnar Relay


    Running 6:36'37.2, 74.52 km.
    Ran six legs of the Ragnar Relay Florida Keys for my birthday run. Beautiful route with a really fun team, "Run, Sleep?, Report" and great weather.


    One Boulder Fit Bench Press Contest


    Weight training 1:34'00.
    New record! I was just going to try to match last year's 201 gym record that I set during the contest (half your body weight in bench press, all the way up, all the way down, as much time as necessary but bar must be held up at all times), but felt good and had a spotter and counter so I went for it and hit 210. It pays to be a skinny little shit!


    Birthday Run #47


    Trail running 8:28'41.5.
    Birthday run #47 done and in the books. It went well enough in the early stages that I decided I should get at least 4,700 feet of ascent in addition to the ~48 miles so I started climbing and found that was easier on my legs than the flatter trails. Great weather, even if I wasn't in La Jolla, as was the plan. Phew, I need to start getting younger.

  • 43

    New gym bench press contest record


    Weight training 1:42'00.
    Five years in a row and double the number! Set a new gym record at the annual bench press contest, putting up 192 reps at half my body weight. It took about 8 minutes and I didn't have another in me when all was said and done, even though I had done more in practice last week. It matters more what you do on the day of the competition and I'm happy to have doubled what I did to win five years ago with 96 reps.


    Kilian's Classik Downill, Font Romeau


    Trail running 0:24'42.7.
    Kilian's ClassiK "downhill" race from the top of a ski area to the center of Font Romeau.


    Setting A New Gym Record


    Weight training 1:35'00.
    NEW RECORD! My gym, One Boulder Fitness, has a contest of as many bench press reps as possible with half your body weight. Must touch chest and then go all the way up. You are allowed to lock out but no other resting. Today I hit 182, which makes me think that 200 is possible. I could only do around 80 three years ago.


    La Jolla Birthday Run


    Running 7:28'00, 72.00 km.
    As my annual birthday ritual, I ran my age in miles. It is taking longer and longer, due to the growing distance and the loss of speed, but I had the best of company for almost six hours and the beautiful views, warmth and sea level made this an easy, steady jaunt.

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