• 5 Move
    7:04 o
    32,24 km
    2696 kcal
  • Move eccezionali
  • 20.4.2013
    • Danza 2:02'24.9 Frequenza cardiaca media 145 bpm, 1,00 km
      I practiced dancing a lot this month. I do not drink water or any fluid during dancing. I was very tired on next few days and I am still dehydrated and tired. My HR % was 85.
    • Danza 2:00'02.2 Frequenza cardiaca media 148 bpm, 1,61 km
      Can you get this type of performance with Ballroom,Tango, or Zumba dancing for two hours at 86.5% of HR.MAX?
    • Danza 2:20'29.7 Frequenza cardiaca media 142 bpm, 1,61 km
      I do not drink water during dancing in the club and I will be very dehydrated on the next day.
  • 20.5.2012
    • Danza 4:01'22.2 Frequenza cardiaca media 130 bpm, 1,61 km
      I danced for fours at HR 76% to simulate maximum duration in the gym for the club (business hours 10:00 pm-2:00 pm, 4 hours) . I drank water every 15 minutes. I might not be able to do this move in the club because I have never drunk water in the club and I do not like beer and wine either . I have to try to drink water first in the club. I will try to do longer dancing moves in the future. I always dance without the music in the gym. I walked 30 minutes after dancing and drank a lot of water.
    • Danza 0:45'05.8 Frequenza cardiaca media 158 bpm, 0,81 km
      I danced with the fast Latino music for 45 minutes at 92% average HR until the DJ changed it to a very slow Latino music at general managers's request because I was the only person on the Rain dance floor. I do not like to dance with the slow music so I left the Rain dance floor and went to Retro dance floor (90's music). www.drinkhouston.com
    • Danza 2:23'02.8 Frequenza cardiaca media 142 bpm, 1,61 km
      I did not practice dancing for almost a month because of cycling exercises on few Sunday that is my rest day. I do not drink water or any fluid during dancing. I was very tired on next day and I am still dehydrated.

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