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  • 24.2.2013
    • Trail running 1:18'00, 10,50 km
      Red Barn Snowshoe Race... 1st place... and the series win (5 points)... went out in 3rd place for the first 500m and then decided to take the lead when the pace slowed a bit... was able to increase my lead and hold on for the win... felt good and could see the benefits of training some in the snowshoes over the winter... a great way to end the season! - 18 min warm up - 40 min race - 10 min cool down
    • Trail running 0:35'00, 7,00 km
      Frozen Ass Snowshoe Race... 2nd place... nice trails, well packed, double track and fast course (despite a couple of long hills) made for a good race
    • Trail running 1:05'00, 10,00 km
      Westbrook Snowshoe Race... 2nd place... tough conditions (lots of deep snow) and some good competitors made for a great race... worked hard in the Dion's today... 15 min warm up (10 on road... 5 on snowshoes) 40 min race 10 min cool down (road
    • Trail running 0:49'00, 9,90 km
      Frontenac Park Snowshoe Race... first race of the New Year and first snowshoe race of the season for me... 2nd place... went out behind a few people as I wasn't sure what to expect and then worked my way up to 2nd place.

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