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  • 25.1.2015
    • Sci di fondo 3:01'05.2 Frequenza cardiaca media 155 bpm, 55,73 km
      Marcialonga 2015. Seedning till led 3 vasan, jippie ! Fantastiska skidor,snabba spår. Carbon lite. Svagt ont i halsen dagen innan men ändå lite form topp. Vurpade fyra ggr. varav 1 på eget grepp. Inga problem. För svagt fäste men använde det knappt ändå. Kanon spår trots lite snö, bra arrangerat. Kanon nöjd och ok efter målgång.
    • Ciclismo 2:51'39 Frequenza cardiaca media 152 bpm, 86,64 km
      Triatlon Tjörn team race with IFK österbymo Team 1, with Veine (run ) and Jimmy (swim ). 13 degrees with some rain and light wind. Felt good during the hole race and no back pain. Really inspiring and fun.
    • Sci di fondo 1:03'33 Frequenza cardiaca media 174 bpm, 19,12 km
      Höberg - Eldris Varmup running up to Hökberg with skies in hand due to traffic jam. Came up in time and felt fresch and spirited. All I hade on Rubbskies. 33 and 32:ond best time at current tracks.
    • Sci di fondo 2:44'00, 42,00 km
      Nordic Ski Marathon in Tänndalen. -2 Almost full snow storm. The tracks was covered with snow almost immediately. Started and skied with the lead in 1 Km but could not hold the speed, then led Group 2 in 2 Km ( Fun =) ) but became really tired, wanted to quit but manage to calm down. Came to the turning Point and got 15-20 m/s right in the chest and was to tired. Was lucky and got pulling help and could easy go behind. Then recognized how incredible good skiies i had and got many comments. Became stronger again and hads relly good speed and finished in 30:th Place 36 min after the Winner ( 2:07). Realy hard wheather and Could almost not se the way , everthing was White and hard snow in the Eyes when you looked around. Very pleased. No recording AMBIT button froze at the start.
  • 26.1.2014
    • Sci di fondo 5:02'47.6 Frequenza cardiaca media 157 bpm, 70,40 km
      MARCIALONGA. startbib 4777. Good start and good speed upp to Vigo di fassa when a stressed stupid Italien guy step on my pole and i lost the pole end. Had to ski with one pole for 3-4 KM Continued up to Canasei where I discovered I lost my Water bottle. Strugeld on in sticky , bad tracks after 5 cm snowfall. Went allright and came in on 5.02 and it felt real good after all.
    • Sci di fondo 1:36'42.3 Frequenza cardiaca media 167 bpm
      Skierg concept 2. 20000 m, setting 10. 1 h :27 min ( 2:10,4/500m )
    • Sci di fondo 2:39'02.3 Frequenza cardiaca media 170 bpm, 39,43 km
      Axa skimarathon at Orsa Grönklitt. Realy difficult wheather with rain and Before that warm wheather. But had relly good skies with firm grip and good glide , felt really good. came in as 100. Wery pleased and had good controll.
    • Sport non specificato 0:34'13.4 Frequenza cardiaca media 137 bpm, 0,28 km
      SemiFinals SM Halmstad Mixed Class 600KG. First Match against Unnaryd unfortunately we lost both pulles,Tried really hard. Bronse Match against Vedum now rested and went out like crasy but we manage to stay focused and took the brons in two pulles. So it was a Brons Medal .Jippie.
  • 6.7.2013
    • Sport non specificato 0:33'48.8 Frequenza cardiaca media 139 bpm, 0,35 km
      Semifinals SM Mens 640 Kg in Halmstad, after one hour brake due to television live broadcast. First match against Wallby DK (Enköping) Did well and pulled long but lost , not much to say about that. 8 They Won. Bronse match against Hed. Pulled hard not too long but couldn´t manage to win...=((( Felt fine and hade no cold problem..=)
    • Ciclismo 2:44'03.2 Frequenza cardiaca media 151 bpm, 74,60 km
      From Ucklum-Västerland-Kungälv-Stora höga-Ucklum. Felt ok but slowed down at the end became tired.

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