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  • 13.7.2013
    • Trail running 4:00'14 Frequenza cardiaca media 148 bpm, 28,12 km
      Used this as a training run. Kept pace moderate. Walked the last 7 K to protect the ankle as I continue to recover from the stress fracture. If interested, you can read my race report here: http://www.trailchronic.com/limberlost-challenge-28km-race-report/
    • Trail running 2:05'44, 23,55 km
      Trained for the 50KM, but it sold out. Opted for the 25KM and wasn't sure how best to pace for that distance. Worked-out well overall. Key learnings: - I lost a lot of time on uphills. Key point to work on in training. - I can make up a lot of time on the downhills by just letting go. This was a beautiful course. Wish I could have done the 50KM, but now signed up for the 50M for 2013. Finished 25th.
    • Trail running 5:26'22, 47,13 km
      Much more technical terrain than I anticipated. Was a beautiful day and felt strong throughout the race. Performance was good enough for a 6th place finish. Not sure that I will return next year, but maybe in a few more years.
    • Trail running 4:48'25, 49,75 km
      Last race of the season. Treated this as a petri dish race to test a few variables. Biggest learnings: - experienced my first "bonk" after starting the race at the same pace as the leaders. Reinforced that I do best conserving for the last half. - only gels does not work for me. Perpetuem works much better with my system. This winter will test more with "real" foods while running - Can run a 50K race comfortably with 4mm drop shoes. Fully transitioned. Finished 12th.
  • 14.7.2012
    • Trail running 6:56'50, 55,73 km
      This day was incredibly hot. 4 laps around a 14 km course. That hill about 2 KM in was just killer on the last lap. Rolled my ankle 48 KM into the race, but was able to run through it. Actually pushed incredibly hard in that last 8 KM to gain some places, running myself right into the medical tent and the blow-up pool to cool down. First time experiencing that. 6th place overall - my best performance of the year.

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