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  • 7:03'23 Trail running

    Marin ultra challenge 50k.....a beautiful day! The scenery was spectacular and the companionship made time fly. Usually, I run solo, but today was different. In fact, I have never run that far or long with anyone and it was so much fun and special to join Katy on her successful completion of her first 50k--her first ultra!

    7:03'23 Trail running

    Marin ultra challenge 50k.....a beautiful day! The scenery was spectacular and the companionship made time fly. Usually, I run solo, but today was different. In fact, I have never run that far or long with anyone and it was so much fun and special to join Katy on her successful completion of her first 50k--her first ultra!

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  • 9.6.2019
    • Corsa 11:36'10.9 Frequenza cardiaca media 137 bpm, 89,23 km
      My 8th Comrades finish. Tough, but well done.....now let’s move on to number 9, 10, and 11.
    • Trail running 13:00'11.2 Frequenza cardiaca media 137 bpm, 80,47 km
      2019 Lake Sonoma 50 miler.....always tough but super gratifying to successfully finish for the fifth time!
    • Corsa 2:52'14 Frequenza cardiaca media 153 bpm, 24,19 km
      I just realized that with today’s run I’ve now logged over 10000 miles on movescount, since joining back in 2012. That’s quite a bit of running.
    • Corsa 11:29'54, 91,31 km
      Comrades 2018 — My seventh successful completion....now only three to go to achieve my green number! I know that I’ve said it before, but this race always ends up being tougher than I hope it will be. This year’s course was the longest distance of my seven participations. Nevertheless, I still ended up with a slower time than I would have predicted. That said, I was quite pleased with my steady pacing and my strong finish! For next year’s race, though, I will need to follow a more rigorous training schedule to finally reverse my current trend of slower finishing times. I will commit to qualifying with a sub 4 hour marathon time. And I believe that the requisite level of conditioning needed for that kind of performance will, in turn and in part, prepare me better for 2019.
  • 14.4.2018
    • Trail running 12:52'21, 80,47 km
      Lake Sonoma 50 Miler —- This is an absolutely gorgeous course and is a joy to run even when the body may think otherwise. This year the course was in good shape despite some recent rains, but the temperature was a little too hot. I ran the first half faster than I may have expected, but definitely ran the second half slower than I had hoped. For the first time ever during a race, I encountered some stomach issues and I’m not really sure why. After I left the aid station at the turnaround point, I began to feel bloated and that sluggish feeling lasted for about two hours before it finally improved. That handicap may have cost me at least half an hour, but it’s a tough race and not feeling well at some point is part of ultra running. The ability to prep for those situations and handle them correctly when they occur is usually the difference between just finishing and executing a truly inspired run. And this was also the first time that I ran a 50 mile race just one week after running a 25 Miler.....and both were demanding trail runs!
    • Trail running 6:34'09.2 Frequenza cardiaca media 148 bpm, 50,00 km
      My first ultra of the year gives me reason to be hopeful for how the rest of the year will play out. The weather was perfect because the temperature was mild and it stayed dry the whole time. Lots of clouds everywhere, so that we experienced running below them, through them and above them. Maybe my experience is finally beginning to pay off. I managed to run a more balanced strategic race by not being afraid to hike when I needed to on some of the uphills and being more disciplined at pushing my pace everywhere else. A simple strategy, but not always easy to execute in the midst of the challenge.
    • Corsa 4:16'56.3, 42,46 km
      My 30th Marathon — 2017 California International Marathon — I know that you might be thinking, “excuses, excuses”. But this race felt really good, given the fact that my training during the last half year has definitely been subpar. I clearly now need to stick to my training schedule so that I’ll go under 4 hours at my next marathon.
    • Corsa 11:01'35.1, 88,10 km
      Comrades 2017 --- My Sixth Medal --- Oh so close to getting another bronze, but I actually did have a blast. I know that must sound strange, but hey, it's me. Live by the sword, die by the sword. I was hovering around the 11 hour pace the whole day, and, in the end I didn't fully realize how close I was. The color of my medal may not be what I was hoping for, but this time I just didn't care enough. I've already proven once, last year, that if I really want it, I can beat the clock. It might be just in my version of reality, but I really do think I enjoyed more of this race than some of the others. Reviewing the stats from the race, relative to the field, I did run a strong race after a conservative start. Between the first cutoff (checkpoint) at Pinetown and the finish, I improved my overall placing by almost 3400 runners and I passed roughly 1000 of those within the last 20 kilometers....not bad. In all, I felt quite steady throughout the entire race.
  • 15.4.2017
    • Trail running 13:11'54.4, 80,47 km
      Lake Sonoma 50 miler---- This was my first ultra race since last fall and only my second ultra since last year's Comrades. According to the race director, in spite of almost perfect weather, with this year's record setting rainfall, "the trails were pretty sloppy in lots of places." This has always been a challenging course and this year the run turned into a slow grind for me, partly due to the trail conditions and mostly due to my lack of sufficient long training runs. Over the past year, you can say that I've been taking it easy. I still run fairly regularly, but not as often and definitely not as far. I have proven the point, " you get out what you put in." Even with my current, much lighter training schedule, I can still finish an ultra. But I would be foolish to believe that I could run one as fast as before. I still have fun and maybe that's all that really matters. The scenery at this year's Lake Sonoma was absolutely breathtaking...the hills and foliage were so green and lush and all of the creeks were flowing with reckless abandon. My feet, socks and shoes got soaked and quite muddy, leading to a few painful blisters along the way. As in any ultra, my emotions and how I felt physically ebbed and flowed throughout and a trail sign placed shortly after the last aid station sums it up......"Alternative fact: it's all downhill from here." When I saw that, I burst out laughing!
    • Corsa 10:56'28.4 Frequenza cardiaca media 139 bpm, 90,47 km
      Comrades 2016 ---- I did it! Each year, the race seems to get tougher, but I still managed to finish just under 11 hours to earn my fifth bronze medal and reached the halfway mark towards earning my green number. My official race time was 10:58:14....so, yes, I beat the cutoff with virtually no time to spare. Running is most exhilarating when it feels like you're gliding through the air....for me it will never be effortless, but for brief moments it can feel that way and may look that way. Reviewing my stats from the race, I covered the second half at roughly the same pace as the first. Even more impressive, I passed over 2500 runners during the second half and I "sprinted" by 1500 of those in the last twelve miles. Not bad. During that stretch I was more consciously trying to run as if it were my last opportunity to show off my love for running, to attack the course with relentless surges of speed and perhaps give some of those great spectators something to remember. I know I will. Those last few hours turned into an epic race against the clock and the experience was thrilling....seldom have I felt so alive or like the fighter who just would not give up.
    • Corsa 5:10'56.3, 42,39 km
      My Own Mountain Marathon.....this is my new favorite long distance training loop. It virtually has a little bit of everything--roads, fire trails, a little bit of single track, paved trails, beautiful neighborhoods, climbing, some flats, wild flowers, creekside running and breathtaking views of the bay and the reservoir, views in all directions and serenity atop the mountain, appropriately named, El Sereno Mountain!!
    • Trail running 6:28'13.3 Frequenza cardiaca media 148 bpm, 52,54 km
      Coyote Lake Trail Run -- 50k.......I really needed this one. It's been a while since I ran an ultra that felt smooth and relatively easy. And this one did exactly that! Throughout the race, a recurring feeling kept running through my mind. Paraphrasing a line from one of my favorite running movies, McFarland, USA, I kept thinking, "low and slow, it's the only way I go." In part, because there were only about a dozen runners tackling the 50k distance, after the first 8 miles, I ended up running the rest of the race on my own, and that was just fine. The course and weather were great. I had never even visited this park before, and the scenery was breathtaking! I will definitely be going back to do some of my training runs there. The course included a good mix of fire roads and single track and meandered through the park in roughly the shape of a figure 8, with a tail at the finish. The 50k required us to do this figure 8 twice, and the small loop at the top of the 8 was just for us 50kers. That section was definitely the highlight and included gorgeous vistas and stretches of single track! For gear selection, I ran in a new pair of Hokas--Claytons--and they have already become my new favorite--a perfect blend of cushion, responsiveness and comfy fit. After the race, in the evening, I felt fulfilled and comfortably sore....a post race runner's high!
  • 12.3.2016
    • Trail running 12:59'15, 78,88 km
      Marin Ultra Challenge---50 miler..... With each ultra, I continue to be impressed with the strength and skill of fellow runners. And often, I am humbled by the experience. Today was no exception. I'm glad to have finished this race, since it may have been my most challenging to date. Even in good weather, the course includes plenty of climbing, with nine pairs of relentless ascents and descents. To make the race more interesting, though, the weather was harsh, including almost constant rain, multiple heavy downpours and strong winds. Consequently, many sections of the single track were transformed into streams, pools of water and thick, soft mud! As bad as the weather got, it could not overshadow the beauty and majesty of the terrain. Admittedly, for most of the day, I was focused less on the scenery and more on my footing and staying strong. Objectively, I did lose time during the first half by being cautious, but I lost more time during the second half because I could not stop my muscles from becoming progressively more tired and tight as the day wore on. So, I feel good about my persistence, but fully realize that I need to keep training to improve my endurance and finishing strength. Finally, after having covered the first 50k, I got fed up with the trail conditions, fully embraced the fact that I couldn't get any more wet than I already was and unleashed my inner five year old! I did my best to pick up my pace and energy level and began barreling through the puddles and streams of water, realizing that it would take more effort, if not be impossible, to avoid them and that they often highlighted the most efficient line to run.
    • Corsa 5:29'31.5, 42,54 km
      As I was running, this move felt like just another training run. So, I was quite surprised by all of the positive feedback from fellow movescount members. Thanks again! I am humbled by the attention and really needed the motivation. I, too, am inspired by all of your moves!
    • Trail running 8:30'27.4 Frequenza cardiaca media 143 bpm, 49,54 km
      Ohlone 50k --- crazy hills, crazy heat!! I heard that there were about 75 no shows and another 35 drops...that basically sums it up. A great character builder. My first 10 miles were good and so were the last ten, but that middle ten...wow! I never thought that i would entertain thoughts of dropping during a 50k, but I definitely did during that middle stretch.
    • Corsa 4:04'29.2 Frequenza cardiaca media 150 bpm, 42,39 km
      Santa Rosa Marathon --- It's my 25th marathon, and now I can stop counting. It was a fun day....the weather was great, the course was scenic and at various times I experienced some good comradery with fellow runners. If only I could have maintained my pace, then I would have broken 4 hours. I desperately wanted the faster time, but i just haven't logged enough hard, fast miles lately. I've noticed that when i don't train with enough regularity, my lungs may keep their fitness, but my legs don't.
  • 31.5.2015
    • Corsa 10:53'30.4 Frequenza cardiaca media 141 bpm, 89,07 km
      I will never be an elite runner, but each time I participate in Comrades I definitely feel like one. The challenge will always remain one of a kind and the volunteers and spectators are unrivaled in their support and generosity. No matter the outcome, my spirit is enriched by each attempt. The race itself did go pretty well, but it always seems to be more difficult than I would hope. The weather was almost perfect, but maybe a touch warm. I did a good job of pacing myself to conserve energy, but almost waited too long to kick in the afterburners. Of course, in part to keep my record of bronze medals in tact, I started the race aiming for a finishing time of sub 11 and hoping for a time closer to 10 hours. With about 20 km to go, I was running with and at times slightly behind the sub 11:30 bus (large group of runners running together with a shared finishing time goal). I didn't panic, but I knew that I had to pick up my own pace. In hindsight, I made my move at just the right time since I did succeed in finishing the race in 10 hours 53 minutes 48 seconds. Four years and four bronze medals...not bad. Even though I'm a little disappointed that I did not set a new personal best or heaven forbid go sub 10, I'm positive that over time I will treasure my presence of mind to make my move when I did and have the physical strength to follow through.
    • Trail running 10:27'24.2 Frequenza cardiaca media 147 bpm, 80,47 km
      American River 50 Mile Endurance Run -- some thoughts -- In all, a solid outing! The morning started with a pleasant shuttle ride from the finish to the start, engaged in good conversation with a fellow participant. While waiting for the 6am start, had a spectacular view of the lunar eclipse at 5am. Continued to enjoy the view of the changing moon as we ran southwest along the new section of the course...I really like the new Folsom start vs the Sac State start from previous years. Also, I unexpectedly encountered several familiar faces at aid stations and along the route during the ever so subtle downhill stretch of this new section. Now, reviewing my splits, I can say with certainty that I went out way too fast! A few sub 9 and multiple sub 10 minute mile splits--what the **** was I thinking?! But it felt soo good. Given the nature of the course, with the first half consisting of mostly smooth paved running surfaces and the second half being almost all single track hiking trails, it's simply not reasonable to strive for even splits between the two halves...at least not for me. Nevertheless, I still slowed down too much after Beals Point. I did have multiple sections in the second half where I felt good and managed a decent rhythm. On the flip side, though, my splits definitely show that my average pace suffered. After so many hours of running, the mind begins to play games with your perception of time. Those good stretches of running were not fast or long enough to positively offset the times when I was hiking. I finished very strong on the last 3+ mile climb up to the Auburn Dam Overlook. It felt great to be able to pick up my pace dramatically, pass what seemed like a dozen or more participants, re-energize my spirit and conserve precious minutes at the end of the race. footnote--my heart rate strap fell off right after Beals Point. It's come undone several times now and the clips are obviously too worn and so this strap is officially retired....I will begin using my new one from now on.
    • Trail running 7:03'23 Frequenza cardiaca media 144 bpm, 50,94 km
      Marin ultra challenge 50k.....a beautiful day! The scenery was spectacular and the companionship made time fly. Usually, I run solo, but today was different. In fact, I have never run that far or long with anyone and it was so much fun and special to join Katy on her successful completion of her first 50k--her first ultra!
    • 14.3.2015
    • Trail running 9:22'29.8 Frequenza cardiaca media 134 bpm, 47,23 km
      Sierra Nevada--Lake Tahoe 2 day run. Day one--Ebbetts Pass to Carson Pass on the Pacific Crest Trail. Spectacular scenery....enjoying the outdoors with a great group of ultra runners. Learned some vital lessons about running at high altitude---as soon as you are certain which way the trail is headed, it takes an unexpected turn---just when you think you're about to reach the summit, you realize that there's more climbing left to do up another hill that was previously blocked from view---and I need lots of water! Many hours before becoming dehydrated and subsequently bailed out by Chris, though, I experienced my "Into the Wild" moment about an hour into the run when the trail left the cover of the trees and opened up into an expansive view of a gently descending, seemingly endless green valley bordered by majestic granite ridge lines on my left. I had started at a faster pace than the rest of the group and found myself running completely alone, feeling truly strong, in complete harmony with nature and surrounded by infinite beauty. I am forever indebted to the rest of the group for making that moment possible!
  • 1.6.2014
    • Corsa 10:42'15.5 Frequenza cardiaca media 139 bpm, 90,49 km
      In short, thrilled to earn my third consecutive bronze medal at the "Ultimate Human Race". If I lived in South Africa, I would run Comrades every year and most definitely earn my green number. In reality, I live far away, so that's probably not going to happen. But ever since I was a kid and learned about this race, I've viewed it as a beautiful event, not realizing that it would become a personal challenge over three decades later. Growing up, I was a slightly chubby kid and definitely not athletic. As a teenager, I did start jogging, but hey, it was the late 70's--everybody was doing it. My sixth grade teacher was a jogging fanatic and is partly responsible for getting me hooked. I ran alone--that hasn't changed--stuck to much shorter distances, enjoyed it and probably shed most of those extra pounds. Back then, the goal was the local "Great Race"--a four mile run between Saratoga and Los Gatos. While in high school, I slowly but surely challenged myself with longer distances--first the San Francisco Bay to Breakers (a 12k race) and then a couple half marathons. Once in college, I decided I was going to run my first marathon at age 20. I finished, but it was a disaster! I hit the wall at mile 17 and it definitely helped that my dad was there to help pace me the rest of the way--a torturous jog-walk. I didn't enjoy the marathon distance until my third one ten years later and it still took me at least 4.5 hours to complete. The breakthrough came another eleven years after that when I ran my fifth marathon (all in SF) and my second consecutive one in 2 years. Over those two years I improved my time by one hour and have not looked back since....until now. Thank you for letting me indulge in this retrospective. So, getting back to the present, even if I never get to participate in another Comrades, I should and do feel so fortunate and privileged to have had the opportunity to experience Comrades in all of its magnificence--not once, not twice, but three times. And now for some final thoughts--a few observations about this year's race. I've had to relearn several lessons yet again. When undertaking any ultra, always respect the distance. When running Comrades--even on the "Down Run"--give every hill the respect that it richly deserves. Find motivation wherever and whenever you can, because without it you will lose focus and time quickly. Finally, maybe there is such a thing as too much cushioning. I love my Hokas, but I do believe that my quads are needing to work harder when pushing off. There is always a trade-off and finding the right balance becomes the key.....enough reason to try again! And for me, the ultimate question will remain--not how fast can you go, but how far?
    • Trail running 11:14'15.2 Frequenza cardiaca media 137 bpm, 80,47 km
      This race, nicknamed, "one rugged run", continues to be a humbling experience. Even when I manage not to crash and hit the trail hard like last year, the relentless rolling terrain takes its toll on my quads. I made good time up to the turnaround at the halfway point. By the time I got to the 50k mark, though, I was wishing that the race was a 50k instead of a 50 miler. Not too long after thinking that, the race organizers had strategically placed a sign along the trail notifying participants "You are NOT almost there!"---cruel yet funny. Suffering from fatigue, my only response was to break out in laughter! Shortly after that, I did catch a second wave of energy that lasted for several miles. Unfortunately, the last ten miles continued to be challenging since my sore quads made it difficult for me to develop or maintain a comfortable running rhythm. All in all, I am both disappointed by my results because they failed to meet my expectations and somewhat comforted by the realization that every competitor acknowledges the difficulty of this course with its ten thousand plus feet of climbing. I did beat last year's time and I'm proud of that---even if I managed to pull that off by being more economical with my aid station stops.
    • Corsa 9:46'18.3 Frequenza cardiaca media 128 bpm, 80,94 km
      Last really long training run before Lake Sonoma--needless to say, I think it went really well. I'll probably do up to two more 20 mile runs in addition to my staple of 5 and 10 milers in order to maintain my base miles and provide opportunities for "speed" work.
    • Trail running 5:52'05.7 Frequenza cardiaca media 146 bpm, 49,89 km
      Woodside 50k-- a new pr for the 50k distance even though I'm currently not in top form. The weather was perfect and the course included a decent amount of climbing.
  • 9.11.2013
    • Trail running 14:28'11.5 Frequenza cardiaca media 107 bpm, 69,16 km
      2013 Rio Del Lago 100 Mile Endurance Run (part two)....In spite of my 2 watch strategy, I still managed to drain the battery with less than one mile to the finish....Oops--I guess I'll just have to run faster next time. (Official overall time for 100 mile distance---27:23:19) On a more serious note, without going into a blow by blow account, I found redemption at Rio del Lago & had my identity as an ultra runner restored. Earning my first 100 mile buckle after the disappointment at Leadville is an amazing sense of accomplishment. I know many have said it before, but if you have a dream, then NEVER GIVE UP!
    • Corsa 10:20'11.9 Frequenza cardiaca media 138 bpm, 88,02 km
      Another amazing experience at Comrades!! It's really too bad that I have to travel so far to participate in this great event. As for my performance, I feel that I ran my smartest race to date at the ultra distance. My pacing was consistent and I finished very strong--I passed a lot of runners during the last third of the race. Moreover, even though the race conditions were challenging--hot weather, strong headwinds, the up direction and a heavy heart concerning my dad's health--as soon as the race started, I focused all my energy and ran in the moment. I do love to run!
    • Trail running 11:29'41.1 Frequenza cardiaca media 141 bpm, 80,47 km
      Toughest 50 miler, maybe my hardest race...a lot of climbing! At mile 7.5, I went crashing to the ground when I hit an unseen bump in the trail as I was running downhill. Even though I was rattled by the sudden fall and the burning sensation in my right hand & left knee, I got up right away and kept running to the next aid station before tending to bloody but superficial flesh wounds. The immediate shock & pain of the fall was intense, but my singular focus kept me moving forward. Relentless !
    • Corsa 6:20'37.3 Frequenza cardiaca media 113 bpm, 42,79 km
      Ran as a pacer for my dad at the Napa Valley Marathon. We didn't quite make our goal of finishing the race within the six hour cutoff, but we did finish in time to get our medals. It was great fun and a unique privilege to celebrate my dad's 75th birthday and my 20th marathon by running together for the entire distance at Napa.
  • 30.12.2012
    • Trail running 5:57'41.9 Frequenza cardiaca media 149 bpm, 49,16 km
      My second 50k. In spite of hitting a bad patch after mile 18 when I had to climb that steep hill for the second time, I managed to recover and finish strong over the last 10k, passing multiple participants. Having fun on a beautiful course--a great way to end the year!
    • Trail running 14:03'30.7 Frequenza cardiaca media 139 bpm, 99,78 km
      2012 Rio Del Lago 100k--an awesome race and experience!! I earned my first ultra buckle--what can be better than that?
    • Corsa 10:14'38.7 Frequenza cardiaca media 141 bpm, 89,91 km
      Comrades 2012--awesome!!
    • Pietermaritzburg City Hall at night

      The Pietermaritzburg City Hall, pictured at night.

      Photo by Kleinz1
      Pietermaritzburg City Hall

      This is a scan of an older photo that I took of the Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, City Hall. It is a massive red brick building. This photo only shows one corner. The building is a declared National Monument (now known as Heritage sites).

      Photo by Kleinz1
      149 Pietermaritz Street, Pietermaritzburg

      This house is declared a National Monument (now known as Heritage sites).

      Photo by Kleinz1

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