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For anyone who likes cycling, doesn´t matter in what level. Keep the wheels rollin!

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  • 7.7.2010 Message from the group creator:

  • Great to have you in this group, have a nice ride with your bikes!

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  • hansjaco

    2 weeks ago

    The app for watts doeesn´t work on my Ambit3. Anyone?

  • derek12287

    3 weeks ago

    I just started using a suunto for my routes :)

  • jjmedina

    3 weeks ago

    Hi all!!!, just joined the group, and fell very excited!. Want to buy a Sunto watch but have no idea...I am into speed triathlon and I was wondering which one could be the more convinient, I do not want to spend to much on it to be honest..any suggestion ?, thanks a lot!

    • derek12287

      3 weeks ago

      its sunnto your probably going to be spending more then you would like :p

  • zuzka3316


    Hi, just wondering if anyone who is using the HR monitor got some " funny" reading . My HR was jumping from 70 - 260... Any idea?

    • OlegLu


      Contacts the belt to your body.

  • JasonKilgore


    Cold toes on today's mtn bike ride in NC. Snow in the forecast tomorrow so I had to get one in quick! C'mon Spring!!

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