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For anyone who likes cycling, doesn´t matter in what level. Keep the wheels rollin!

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  • 7.7.2010 Message from the group creator:

  • Great to have you in this group, have a nice ride with your bikes!

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  • zhoujun007

    2 weeks ago


  • Haazzhhiirr

    3 weeks ago

    Heey groupies ! :) New to group and I'm a semi pro Cyclist and so excited to share my moves here with you guys.

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  • davitopr


    Hola a todos! Os envío un link de una encuesta sobre el uso y la mejora de dispositivos deportivos y sus aplicaciones. Puede ser muy útil para mejorar tanto comunidades web como esta, como los dispositivos en sí. Os animo a que la hagáis en beneficio de todos!! Un saludo!!

  • mitv11


    hey dudes! new to the group and i am about to buy my first road bike, Super stoked! Does anyone use the Movescount App as their "cycle computer" mounted on their bike? i was curious to see if that works well or should i get a dedicated computer. thanks much!

    • mcalista


      Yes, I use it as my cycle computer, and it is pretty good in the functionality it offers. (Although you do have to set up how that functionality is displayed BEFORE you ride.

      There are other devices that have a larger and clearer display, and sometimes that's important. Where Ambit3 excells is if you want one device to handle ALL your different sports.

    • dimitrikiselkov


      MCALISTA, he asked if someone is using the Movescount App, on smartphone (not Ambit). A smartphone has a pretty big display already. The thing is the GPS on a smartphone is not as precise as the Ambits and the display always ON on a smartphone drains the battery very fast. but it works !

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