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San Diego, United States

50ks, 50m, 100ks, or 100m - a group for those who love the pain.

  • 6.3.2012 Message from the group creator:

  • Anyone have a race coming up? Don't forget to use to find one near you!!!

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    • MoximusMaximus


      Hi Guys, Just took delivery of my shiny new Ambit3 Run. Getting my head around the watch and the site. Running a 24 hr challenge in September so training has started. Cheers

    • stusrunning


      Hi all..

      Stu here from the UK, On Aug 1st I will run, unsupported, from Seattle to San Diego in 45 days for charity! :) Looking to connect with some friendly runners along my journey!

    • lsl1


      Hi all. Just treated myself to a ambit3 run watch. Learning the site and thought I'd join in this group. Running a 50k in May and 2 in June. Maybe (hopefully) sneaking in one between now and May. Hoping the Ambit3 doesn't turn out to be too bulky for me.

    • Runningfromre...


      CALLING ALL SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE TRAIL RUNNERS - I've set up a new group specifically for trail running in Australia & New Zealand aptly named "Trail Running Australia & NZ" come join to share your favourite trail runs & to discover new trails.

    • HerrKules


      I just realized that the group is based in San Diego! I am going there in January. Can anyone give me some tipps for nice trailrunning routes?

      • bradolwin


        The person that started the group is long gone. Look up local moves in the map area and you should find some trail runs.

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