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Welcome to all Suunto users in Australia

  • 15.12.2014 Message from the group creator:

  • Have you checked out the new Suunto Ambit3 family of products? Amazing!

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    • Bargearse

      3 weeks ago

      what ever you start finish strong is my work out motto

    • petitecycliste

      3 weeks ago

      Hello from Perth! I'm an Ambit 2 Sapphire user. Have been using the watch for about 10 months now. Pairing it with a Bikepod built in my road bike as well as a HRM, I mainly use it as a bike computer and activity tracker. When I'm hiking, it's a navigation and altimeter. Awesome device, love it. Every log gets synchronized with Strava lol. Nice to meet you all :)

    • PeterDalby


      Hi, Any Gold coasters in the house? Am new to area and need some "coaching" on trail running around here. Cheers ; )

    • jacintasimons


      Hey aussie suunto fam. Got my watch for my bday last year. Been using it on and off but finally have had time to sit and really check it out properly. Looking forward to smashing out my goals for 2015 and meeting new people on the way.

    • murilolima


      Hi everyone, Any Perth based in the house?

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