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Perth, Australia

See how well Perth can keep up with the rest of the world :D

  • 14.9.2011 Message from the group creator:

  • Summer is on its way... Let's move move move!

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    • murilolima


      What is going on people??

    • jfcalypso


      Hello to all and all, Can you test one of my applications in your sporting activities. App area - Search - enter: jfcalypso - if you love, click on the bottom of the application page, for the say - Cordially and good day

    • Sana_D


      So I've entered my first trail running event - anyone coming? Short course 11.9 Km Long course 18.7 Km

    • poppy1234


      Hey everyone, we are farmers and grow linseed, we make breakfast cereal sprinkles and biscuits,, we have a new stockist Limes Fresh, you can also pick up our products at Boatshed, Fresh Provisions, let us know if you use them we'd love to hear from you. They are great for reducing muscle recovery time, have nil net carbs PS loving my suunto M5

    • Digs


      Knee on the mend here (ITBS) - slowly ramping up the miles

      • Sana_D


        Wish you a speedy recovery!

      • Killa


        ouch - likewise Digs, take it easy on the recovery!

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