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For all the runners who just love to run where there is no path... In the mountains, in the desert, in the woods.

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  • stravi_jurce1950

    2 days ago

    3. overall Place for (me) Team Croatia & TG Salzach Valley // Category P15 when 3.Pitztal Alpine Glacier Trail from 07/25/15 // have run in SAUCONY PEREGRINE 4.0

  • davitopr

    2 weeks ago

    Hola a todos! Os envío un link de una encuesta sobre el uso y la mejora de dispositivos deportivos y sus aplicaciones. Puede ser muy útil para mejorar tanto comunidades web como esta, como los dispositivos en sí. Os animo a que la hagáis en beneficio de todos!! Un saludo!!

  • stravi_jurce1950

    2 weeks ago


  • nick_jamesc


    Hi everyone! new to this and as well as new to Charleston SC! getting back into running (slowly but surely) but hoping that between the suunto and movescount community i can get my life back together and back in Shape. taking a lot of time off past 6 months, and sad to say have gained all weight back. Currently sitting at 287 lbs at 6 ft 2in and very upsetting i let myself get here. Hoping this community can help me get back on track! thanks and looking forward to running

  • JTFM


    Hello to everyone! I'm from South-West-Germany and live in a beautiful wine area - so, running up & down between all the vineyards is very lovely. Just started with Trail-Running and hope to be able to partcipiate in some of the nice trails in the Vosges later this year! Have fun! Cheers, JTFM

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