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For all the runners who just love to run where there is no path... In the mountains, in the desert, in the woods.

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  • How is your running going?

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    • jmulheran2

      3 days ago

      Wondering if anyone uses a specific "Trail Run" move, as opposed to one that is just an overall "Run"...and if so...what do you find most useful or resourceful on the displays? I have had my Ambit2 for almost a year now and don't know why it hasn't dawned on my to specify "trail run" until now.

    • Benji_12

      1 weeks ago


    • Benji_12

      1 weeks ago

      je vous croque tous, trop mignons les mecs

    • Benji_12

      1 weeks ago

      allez tous vous faire enculer moi je marche et je suis content. Allez voir dqns les bois si le loup n y est pas.

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