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For all the runners who just love to run where there is no path... In the mountains, in the desert, in the woods.

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  • How is your running going?

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    • Robski1970

      1 week(s) ago

      Hello, I am a new groupmember starting today. I just got my Ambit2 S Graphite and do a lot of trailrunning in the woods called Posbank and Veluwezoom near my hometown Arnhem in The Netherlands.

    • Pancake63

      2 week(s) ago

      Hello. I just joined the group. Sivlia67 was all the time an inspiration. Now I am trying it. I hope to find a few trails here. Its very international here. I like it. May be I can share a few nice trails in Sweden.

      • stronggale

        3 days ago

        Welcome. Would love to visit Sweden.

    • MoximusMaximus


      Hi guys, just joined movescount having just got my new Ambit3 Run. Just started trail and ultra running so hopefully this site will become quite usefull. Cheers

    • shinichikojima


      Hello everyone I have enjoyed the trail running in Minoo Metropolitan Koka lived in Osaka, Japan . I am enjoying to the voluntary planning kneading the plan . Plans to the running of about 100km to longitudinal a large lake , " Lake Biwa " best in Japan after two weeks . Also please keep looking forward to the post so do my best to be a good report . Thank you

      • sakikoo


        5月7日に琵琶湖の半周ずつを手分けして調査するボランティア募集してます。 ランナーでないと無理なので。。 今はFacebookで主に募集しています。らぶINびわこでけんさくしてみてください。

    • RicardoHenriques


      Hi there! I wonder if anyone can help me. Is there a way to track my last 10k pace (example) along a course? I made am app to estimate my time along a certain distance based on my average pace but was wanting to improve it a little by introducing my last 10k pace or something. The only way I can think of it is by using 10k AutoLap. Anyone as any other sugestion? Thanks

      • mthurber


        Have you tried the pace wheel app?

        In the app store or

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