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For on the water Rowers who want to get faster and stronger and share training and racing stories/tips

  • 9.12.2012 Message from the group creator:

  • High Intensity Interval Training is all the rage now. Can 30 minutes every other day equal 10 hours a week? What are your thoughts?

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    • billnugent


      Hi can anybody advise me how to set up min/500m pace on my ambit watch?? its an ambit 2 and I belive you can do it, thanks, Bill

    • Sculler


      Hi, just joined. In my 33rd rowing season now, recovery takes more time than it used to, but the competitive spirit is still there. Regarding the High Intensity Interval Training there is a very interesting Norwegian study that shows that very short intervals are better than traditional longer intervals: Best regards!

      • herrboonstra


        Our professional coach let's us do 30'/15' on the erg. Didn't have a HR monitor back then, would've been rather interesting I think.

    • ozvk


      Made an app for prediction of finish time, one for 1km and another for 2km laps. Also switches automatically from prediction to actual finish time. Let me know if you like it or if you have suggestions for improvement!

      You can find them in app zone by searching my user name. Also made some other that are handy for rowing like stroke rate and distance alarm (beeps when you've reached desired distance).

    • GiammiBerna


      how do you select rowing?

      • HurleyHunt


        The App was found in APP Zone under PLAN & CREATE top navigation. To select rowing on the watch - it's on the scrolling sport options and you can customise from the site. Sorry I didn't get this message sooner...

    • HurleyHunt


      Very few rowing groups in Movescount, I have a question for you - I'm using a 500m split app but it lights up every 500m, anyone use one which doesn't activate a light ping?

      • nickmills


        I also find that mine gives readings of 2:61/500m which is not right with only 60 seconds in a minute?

      • HurleyHunt


        Eugh, which one are you using? ...but if you're doing more than 3min splits that's very, very bad : )

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