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  • navigaare


    Hi guys! New user of M5...the object is: data from the watch to Movescount. First time its worked, now not....=((( signed in, etc....magic...=) Have Nice Weekend! ps: possible answers to zoltan.takacs at address, please / THANXXX!

  • Sue21


    hi, I would like to sell my Suunto M5 are new I have them one week write, call (, 421949795835) Price - Deal

  • fitnessuser


    hi :) i have a problem with my HR belt. it is paired with my suunto m5 nut watch doesn't show me the heart rate. :( any ideas?

    • Martin_Allsoo

      1 days ago

      not the only one...I have same problem..and what is most interesting..the beltis foundby watch...but no HR :(

  • ppauliukass


    Hi, i need some information about M5 :) is it showing heart rate without belt? when using M5 for training, can you see cal/HR and use it as chronometer or something similar? :) i'm planing to use it for gym, so i hope You can help me to get some information :) thanks ;)

  • BlackRock


    Hy i have one question con i conect a M5 with a Foot POD but it is not the Foot POD MINI ??

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