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We are a gym based sport that creates seriuosly fit individuals who love to help others. Doing various cardio and weights exercises is the ultimate and true fitness. With courses for absolutley every level of fitness. We are Fenton Fitness www.fentonfitness and we nail Octathalon

  • 30.7.2011 Message from the group creator:

  • Well done to all who did the Ultra Club this week =)

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    Hello to all and all, Can you test one of my applications in your sporting activities. App area - Search - enter: jfcalypso - if you love, click on the bottom of the application page, for the say - Cordially and good day

  • JukkaHuovinen


    Do you have an Android mobile? Check this application for Movescount :D Live event tracking for everyone and great post analysis in Movescount! Free 7-days trial!

    Check also this Movesscount group and enjoy about the live Move Battle ;-) RealtimeEvents

  • stesloss


    Who's legs are in the worst condition after Matt's killer session on Thursday last. Just call me hopalong!

    • SMac


      It's Tuesday and mine have just eased off! I quite liked it tho!! ;-D

    • stesloss


      shhh - they's make us to that every week! ;-)

  • sajid


    i like the enthusiam of you guys on here! i'm not lazy by the pic was taken when i got home from last years london marathon...

  • ricfenton



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