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A group for Movescount members participating in extreme adventures, expeditions and journeys using human-power and the training they undertake in order to remain at a peak level of fitness.

  • 8.8.2011 Message from the group creator:

  • Folks, lets try and get this group moving! Let everyone in on your adventure plans and what you are doing to prepare for them. Ask questions, help each other out.

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  • RichardLayne

    3 weeks ago

    Hello. The problem with expeditions and the Ambit is the lack of data space and lack of battery power. Therefore I suspect you expedition types primarily use the Ambit for training. Anyway, that is what I do. Another issue I have run into is how quickly the watch loses power in the cold. My main trips are during the winter. I carry a 4400 mah battery for recharging, while using the gps on the watch for only isolated moments, mostly to locate a cache along my route.

  • jfcalypso


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  • JukkaHuovinen


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  • MarkKalch


    Hey guys, anyone got any late summer expeditioning plans? Recovering from shoulder surgery, so nothing hard out for me but will take a couple of charity groups to Kilimanjaro for a bit of fun.

  • bradolwin


    I have a 3 day trip through the Wind River Range in 2 weeks. 30 miles per day for 100 miles total and completely self-supported.

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    • MarkKalch


      Brad, how did your Wind River Range trip go?

    • bradolwin


      We ran ~75 miles for North to South traverse of the Wind River Range. 7/27-7/30 self-supported 21 lb pack. Moves are move2466479 move2466480 move2466481 move2466482 Our intention was to do 100 miles and include the Cirque of the Towers but route finding problems and a heavy snow year with high rivers forced us to cut 25 miles out. Amazing and tough!

    • MarkKalch


      Wow! That is awesome. Big snow and big rivers have been around a lot this year huh? The Missouri (which I was to paddle in May) is still flooding! Crazy! Would have made for a fast descent though.

    • bradolwin


      Crazy! is the right word. One guy in a local mountaineering shop told us it was impossible to cross some of the streams that were now rivers. Our worst was about waist deep so none of them were too bad, just cold and wet--My feet were pretty much waterlogged for 3 straight days.

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