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This group is established to petition Suunto to deliver on what they promised - ongoing upgrades to the firmware and features for the Ambit 1.

Suunto have responded to the feedback provided and asked that a link be provided on this group page. Please find a link below to Suunto's announcement regarding a future upgrade to the Ambit 1.

Suunto have obviously been listening to the comments so if you have further feedback for them then continue to express your views.

  • 8.5.2013 Message from the group creator:

  • See above link for the announcement from Suunto in response to the feedback they have received.

    Join this group to let Suunto know what you think.

    For people thinking about the Suunto Ambit 2 review or Suunto Ambit 2S review, the experiences of Ambit 1 owners may be relevant for you.


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  • JoggWithoutDog

    6 days ago

    As it seems: Updates for Ambit2 2S and 2R … for what else… we Ambit1 users got our watches for free, didn't we? Thanx a lot Suunto … each April a new birthday "gift" - PS in Germany "gift" means poison ;)

  • JoggWithoutDog

    2 weeks ago

    Hello, cause I haven't the V800 yet I can't tell you something about the sensitivity of the edges. But, of course, it has a barometrical measuring of height ... and I think it will have the same possibility of fixing a height (mostly from your favourite starting point) which is very convenient. Cause I want the blue model it will last some weeks I can tell more details. Joachim

    • Skijeti

      2 weeks ago

      Got to thank Suunto, from now on my 'tech-geek-call it what you like' money will be spent on smartphones, dont want to be a 'premium tester' anymore.


      2 weeks ago

      Thanks for the answer Joachim, and hope to read somewher how the V800 will be in real life.

      @Skijeti: my thoughts exactly, except that I have had similar experiences with smartphones too.. :-)


    2 weeks ago

    Just a thought: There's rumour that the li-ion battery in the Ambit lasts only 2 years. Not true; Li-ion batteries lose some capacity over the years, but certainly don't quit working so soon.

    But this myth ruins the second-hand market, and makes people go for the next new product sooner.

    This Ambit may not be the only product to end up as short-lived throw-away technology. No new Fenix2 for me either, it's just too expensive a gamble.

    This former gadgetfreak is looking for a new hobby!

    • JoggWithoutDog

      2 weeks ago

      You should be right with the capacity over a long term ... my Ambit1 is still used for daily walking and the li-ion battery shows the same function as at the beginning just two years ago now... of course, no chance to sell it for 40...50% of the original price but therefore I use it for walking even of the unusable speed graph in this mode... For running I will use the new POLAR V800 :)


      2 weeks ago

      My Ambit 1 battery is still perfect after almost 2 years but prospective buyers just don't trust me on that. A question, JoggWithoutDog, how does the Polar V800 compare to the Ambit in terms of robustness? I like rather rough outdoor sports and the only watch that I haven't ruined (so far) is the Ambit 1. The V800 looks as if it is easily damaged or scratched, is that true? Is it also true that the V800 has no barometer screen?


    2 weeks ago

    Normally I use a new 'gadget' like this Ambit 1 for two years, then sell it on, and buy something newer. I was even very seriously considering the Ambit 2!

    But people won't pay anything for a used Ambit1. They can get a new Ambit2S for just over 200 Euros. So I can't get the funds together for a new gadget this time.

    I will have to keep using this Ambit 1, that every time that I look at it, makes me feel a sore luser.

    Well, I'll have to suck it up and save for a Fenix2.

    • JoggWithoutDog

      2 weeks ago

      Bought my Ambit1 for about 500 Euros … tried to sell it for 222 Euros … no answer - thanx a lot to Suunto for this really amazing Ambit1 … remembering of all the advertisements of Suunto and their emphasis how modern and forward-looking the Ambit1 is … just 1 year later NO FUTURE - even no offer of fair upgrading. I am buying the Polar V800!

  • loicbehin

    3 weeks ago

    Fot those that haven't followed along on the Fenix journey, the Fenix1 actually has received substantial updates over the last 4-5 months. In fact, outside of multisport mode, power meter support (cycling), and swimming support, the Fenix1 gains almost all the features of the Fenix 2. For memory, i think that Fenix1 is older than our Ambit1... Feel fully betrayed by suunto....

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