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Toulouse, France

Group of user using Suunto watch and hopping a linux support for it.

  • 27.1.2014 Message from the group creator:

  • Linux users and outdoor activities lovers could be personify in a same body. Suunto seems to ignore it. Please join the group if you'd like to use your suunto product on linux. A project has been started to reverse engineering a watch syncrhonization application and product an open source linux api, check this out and if you could help don't be shy!!

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    • arminamstad

      1 week(s) ago

      It's incredible, more than 1000 members and Suunto does not support Linux!

      • BudSpencer

        6 days ago

        Dude, 1.000 members is not much, compare with the size of other groups.

    • Etienne_M

      3 week(s) ago

      Après avoir réalisé pluseirs tests, je ne parviens toujours pas à installer moveslink sur Wine. Du coté Openambit, j'arrive à lire les logs mais rien n'arrive dans movescount. (à moins que je n'ai rien compris ?)

      Merci de votre aide.

      • Etienne_M

        3 week(s) ago

        Si quelqu'un a une idée de comment upploader" les logs sur movescount...

        (l'authentification se fait - car si je mets un mail bidon, j'ai un message qui signale le problème d'Auth). C'est vraiment l'upload qui pose problème.


    • Etienne_M

      3 week(s) ago

      Hello, Bonjour,

      Just joined the group few minutes ago. I've received my Suunto (Ambit 2S) this morning. And now I realize that the Suunto app is not available on Linux.

      I didn't yet read all the contributions to this group, but I hope that there is a workaround !

      Thanks EM

      (Ambit2S / LinuxMint / Runner)

      • L0HENGRIN

        2 week(s) ago

        Hi i found "Openambit" recommended in a forum. Did not try myself yet, but will do so later evening. see: -Lo

    • BjoernNerling


      Moin Moin Leute, ich habe ein grosses Problem habe die ambit3 peak sapphire und Ubunto leider bin ich nicht der Pc Experte wie kann ich meine Uhr mit Movescount syn. und wie funktioniert das Openambit. meine Ambit 2 Hr wird erkannt aber nicht sync. mit Movescont

    • BudSpencer


      Openambit 0.3 not working anymore! Since a few days I cannot upload my moves to movescount using debian and openambit. Is there some global bug or is it me? Thanks for your reply! Bud

      • Tlos

        3 week(s) ago

        I have the same problem since march and can't find anything on forums! Did you find something to solve the problem?

      • L0HENGRIN

        2 week(s) ago

        for me on Kubuntu 14.04: openambit 0.3 (ubuntu PPA/repository, see - "For Ubuntu users") does not find any device, although my Ambit2S is connected. If i run openambit with root rights, it works (for KDE i open the fast input with Alt F2, then "kdesu openambit") and openambit finds my Ambit2S and all other works like a charm.

      • BudSpencer

        6 days ago

        Hi Tlos, No, I still have the same problem, but I guess it must be some issue related to our OS. I will let you know if I find something.

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