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Toulouse, France

Group of user using Suunto watch and hopping a linux support for it.

  • 27.1.2014 Message from the group creator:

  • Linux users and outdoor activities lovers could be personify in a same body. Suunto seems to ignore it. Please join the group if you'd like to use your suunto product on linux. A project has been started to reverse engineering a watch syncrhonization application and product an open source linux api, check this out and if you could help don't be shy!!

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  • asificam1

    3 days ago

    has anyone noticed any problems with the latest firmware update for ambit2?

    has anyone found where the movesconnect software is located once installed on windows

  • Rabot

    4 days ago

    Hello Folks, Apparently to connect a Suunto Ambit 2 for the first time, one need a Win/Mac. Openambit only works, once the device is already created in Movescount. Anyone already solved this issue? Did anyone try to install Moveslink through WINE?

    • asificam1

      3 days ago

      have been trying to install it via WINE, however I had multiple errors. I'll try to copy the existing application from a windows machine, then I'll post how it went

  • asificam1

    4 days ago

    perhaps we should write a formal letter to suunto asking for a method of connection for our devices

  • asificam1

    4 days ago

    could someone post a tutorial for new users on how to use ambit 2 with openambit

    that would be helpful

  • BrunoC38

    5 days ago

    Hello, I invinte all group members to write to Suunto ( asking them to make a Moveslink portage on linux or support the OpenAmbit project to improve and achieve the support of Suunto Ambit 3. Hope this makes Suunto react. Thanks for your participation.

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