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This group is dedicated to people who enjoy talking while walking, whether during business meetings at work or with friends during spare time...

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  • Asuperstar


    Aloha everyone. I am brand new to the Suunto family. I hope you do not mind me joining the group. I will try to improve and keep up with you all.

  • jfcalypso


    Hello to all and all, Can you test one of my applications for your sports activities. Search : enter : jfcalypso - if you like, click on the bottom of the application page to encourage me - Enjoy - Cordially and good day

  • JukkaHuovinen


    Do you have an Android mobile? Check this application for Movescount :D Live event tracking for everyone and great post analysis in Movescount! Free 7-days trial!

    Check also this Movesscount group and enjoy about the live Move Battle ;-) RealtimeEvents

  • JSilva


    Higly recommended, hiking in Açores:

  • JSilva


    Feliz ano novo, hauskaa uutta vuotta, felice anno nuovo, happy new year everyone! :o)

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