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Triathlon is THE sport

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Be part of the group that is from thriathletes to triathletes :)

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  • Summer is gone.. winter comes!

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    • jfcalypso

      1 weeks ago

      Hello, can test you one of my applications in your sporting activities. Nice day. Kind regards. Here is the link:

    • Ferdia10


      Just got my Quest - for HRM and BPM. Started (sprint) traithlons late 2014. Long term aim is IRONMAN. Focus: Build up base endurance. Opted to use 180-age for bpm. Details: 5'11, Male, 37 (So 143bpm is the constant aim), Dublin, Ireland, lost 6kg in the last 6 months and currently 82kg & 4.37km in 30 minutes @136bpm. Immediate aim is 76kg, 5km in 30 mins @ 143bpm. Best wishes and greets to all :)



      Hi All! I just received my SUUNTO Ambit3 Peak but couldn't use the Triathlon mode: I couldn't move form the Swimming module to the Biking one. As I couldn't find such explanations in the SUUNTO user guide: can you help me ? Thks in advance

    • Williams60


      Hi all! I am new in this discipline. When I see the bests, I hope will be not too ridiculous ! See you !

    • DoddKho


      Hello, Guys. I'm just an amateur player at triatlon but enjoy it very much. Good luck to all. From Seoul.

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