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Taguig City, Philippines

For all Pinoy Suunto users around the world!

  • 10.2.2013 Message from the group creator:

  • Thanks for joining the Pinoy Suunto Users Group! I'm sure we are all hoping more pinoys will jump onboard. Your suggestions on how we can get most out of this group are welcome. Good luck to all of you on your training!

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  • mtbmadjohn


    goodbye again for now folks.. see you on strava and endomondo.. my suunto watch just koncked out. switching to garmin.

  • mtbmadjohn


    pwede pala motorsports?

  • jfcalypso


    Hello, can you test, one of my applications in your sporting activities. In " Plan&Create " ; in "App Zone" ; in " Search Apps " ; input : jfcalypso . Kind regards

  • mtbmadjohn


    dahil buwan ng wika ay tagalog ang ilalagay ko dito sa "hiyawan kahon". ang hirap talunin ng banyaga sa ika unang pwesto. labing limang oras na kalamangan! sana ay ganun din karami ang oras ko upang mag insayo at magsanay sa larangan ng palakasan.

  • mtbmadjohn


    After months.... I finally got a replacement bracelet for my watch... haaayyy! feb was the last activity in my calendar, a long time, but i didn't actually stop training though....also got fond of strava and endomondo so kinda forgot about movescount. hope i can keep up again with this group.

    • Josh79


      was it difficult to order strap? months?

    • mtbmadjohn


      1 to two months. you order online at time depot "Shop Band" tab: select which brand. there was a mixup with my order. the strap delivered was for ladies. it takes two to three weeks, a month at the most. I just didn't know where to buy at first so it took me a while.

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