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Anglesea, Australia

Australasia's only zine dedicated to trail running, from the sweet short stuff, to the ultra long, so long as it's off road and in the wilderness. Importantly though, this group isn't about a race to see who can do the most hours or the longest distances in a spurt, or rack up the most miles overall. It's more about sharing the collective experience of running trails and getting a sneak peek at the terrain and adventures others are having out there on Australia's and New Zealand's awesome single track. And remember, your next trail run could be the next trail route guide in the zine. Check those out at

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    • jfcalypso


      Hello to all and all, Can you test one of my applications in your sporting activities. App area - Search - enter: jfcalypso - if you love, click on the bottom of the application page, for the say - Cordially and good day

    • alpinistnz


      Hi All, Recently purchased an Ambit2 and really enjoying using it BUT the Navigation position options are NOT useful when in the hills. Position given as WGS84 Lat/Long rather than NZTM2000 (i.e. Topo50). Have requested update from Suunto. ie Would be good if ALL Kiwi users did too

    • mayamir


      Hi Runners i started to get into trail running more recently. i am using the Ambit. love ti hear how you are using different displays through the run.

    • still2slow


      Can someone pass Chris a banana. Looks like he's cramping. : ) There's a 36km one in there in about 4 1/2 hours Chris you can use for the mag - Queen Vic-Three Sisters - Sublime - Kedumba loop.

    • still2slow


      Grant's in here huh? Well this should be f*cking humiliating.

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