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  • 5.12.2013
    • tjksdjfksdfs

      Hi girls and guys. I just joined the group and starting on my training again after a few years of inactivity. I just wanted to give you some inspiration on REAL HIT. It seems to me that some of you haven't really got the concept, no offense. Watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuoUJr0UJv4 :)

      Blue skies, Casper

  • 31.12.2012
    • Me doing cable rows: http://youtu.be/_yW3B8Ahrec

      • tjksdjfksdfs

        Hi cocoflux. A few quick pointers: a) You need to increase the time of each rep b) add static c) and work to failure. Take a look at the video I've linked to in my above message. :)

  • 7.10.2012
    • How do you structure your workouts? Which routine do you follow?

      • Mostly I do upper / lower body split workouts (large muscle group / multiple-joint exercises before small muscle group / single-joint exercises). Sometimes I split upper body to back & shoulders & triceps exercises and chest & bicesps exercises. All depends on my mood :) Occasionally circuits.

        Warm up at the beggining (cca 7-10 min of light cardio). Sometimes 20-30 min cardio at the end.

        I do abs at the end of my workout (not every time) or on the cardio day.

      • Ran out of words :)

        I see you started new routine. Please share :)

      • Sounds similar to my training. :-) I've done a whole body workout with four alternating days for the last months witht variing intensity, but now that I do more weighttraining, I switched to a split.

        Breast Back / Legs / Shoulder Arms

      • I think a whole body workout is efficient at the beggining. After a certain time it's good to do split exercises.

        I neglected my weight training during summer. It's time to get back on doing some serious work again.

  • 25.4.2012

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