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Hola! Welcome everyone that Commutes: Home-Uni-Home or Home-Work-Home...

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    • PedroRosas


      wow! this is really a new interface!!! interesting! how are you guys? I got an injury in the ankle :( physiotherapist said its ok, not so bad yet :P i will a special rehabilitation program in few days to see if in 4 weeks i get better! man i just will be able to walk...

    • Killa


      Good luck with the Thesis and conference too Pedro!

      • PedroRosas


        Thanks Killa! Tomorrow Completion Seminar...

    • Sana_D


      Hi Pedro - you haven't been commuting much lately - does that mean that the thesis is turned in, or working from home? - anyway wish you all the best!

      • PedroRosas


        Hi DShizz! Hola! you really know about this isnt it! :D yes writing plus girlfriend :P the problem is that is girlfriend with car.. :P so also my levels of exercise have dropped :P I will present part of my work in a conference in Sydney ... but still i have lots of work to do... how about you? you are just hitting the road amazing! 8hrs! wow!

      • Sana_D


        Hi Pedro - Well it sounds like things are really moving in the right direction, girlfriend with a car LOL I'm cranking out a massive paper at the moment done all the figures and they are taking up 14 pages (to be honest I think it would be better as 2 papers - supervisors tsk, tsk! Can't live with them, eh yeah just can't!) Wish you the best with your presentation in Sydney :)

    • PedroRosas


      Hi guys! last time i crash with a Woolworths trolley! was crazy! zero damage fortunately! but who left a trolley in the middle of the bike pad! was dark i was fast and i got distracted for a second and when i noticed! bang! in front of me crash! crazy! :P

      • Killa


        Ha! just saw this message Pedro... ouch! I suppose its better than hitting a pedestrian... which i witnessed the other day... so much blood! yech! hope your study is going well mate.

      • PedroRosas


        Wow! Killa that sounds worst! :( today i finish the second workshop of my study, evaluation will be in next weeks :D

    • PedroRosas


      Hi gfauv! welcome to the group!

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