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A group for all the people using Suunto Connected family GPS watches all around the world

  • 5.3.2015 Message from the group creator:

  • The Ambit3 Connected family is launched, kicking and growing now with the Ambit3 Run!

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    • arrighi

      1 weeks ago

      Hi do you have temperature sensor on your ambit 3 sport ? Answer from suunto is there is no temperature sensor in this watch and I can assure you that there is one and it is perfectly working. I dont know why they lied to me.

      plus when I swim in open water, all parameters are correct, time distance etc... but my calories shows zero, any idea ? thanks Francois

    • lukeoau

      1 weeks ago

      I've sent three support tickets to Suunto since Christmas, about one a month. They responded half heartedly to my first one and haven't replied to my second or third at all. How else can I contact this company? Very unhappy right now!

    • JuanRosenberg

      4 weeks ago

      Buenas tardes Consulta, alguien sabe si en el AMBIT 2S existe alguna forma, y como, que te muestre en la pantalla cuantas calorías llevas consumidas???


      • Raquelpuzle

        2 weeks ago

        Si, cuando configuras la pantalla con cada ejercicio en tu reloj atraves del movescount, entre muchas opciones esta la de calorías consumidas.

    • Battal_Gazi

      4 weeks ago

      Hi, I'm using an ambit 3 and wondering if it is possible to see the path currently has been plotted during an exercise. The point is, I want to run a circular trail in the forest without loading a pre-created route, so by looking at the plotted path I could decide which way to go. This is a basic feature of all handheld GPS's but I have not been able to find it in my ambit 3. Thanks.

      • Esko

        1 weeks ago

        Hi! I think that`s not possible with the ambit3 models but you do that with Suunto Traverse because of it`s breadcrumb track function

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