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A group for all the people using Suunto Ambit family GPS watches all around the world

  • 5.3.2015 Message from the group creator:

  • The Ambit3 Connected family is launched, kicking and growing now with the Ambit3 Run!

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  • Fredriksson78

    9 hours ago

    I have the "ambit3 Run" model. Is there any possibility to use the compass as a display screen? It does not exist as an option under display. Or at least to use it while not in an activity?

    • wuppi73

      2 hours ago

      Yes, that is possible. Go to Display and just choose compass

  • jerryat

    2 days ago

    I tried using the workout planner but it was really disappointing - there don't seem to be any audible notifications when you reach the end of one interval and start the next, or any indication that you are in or out of a heart rate training zone. I can't look at the watch easily in the middle of a training session so rely on audible notifications. Any ideas on how to make this happen would be really appreciated. Cheers

    • chrisc92

      21 hours ago

      did you activate bips in settings ? There is a long beep (the same used in basic intervals in sport modes) on my ambit3 I can hear the soud and the text of the step is displayed

  • paul28

    2 days ago

    Have Suunto messed with cadence or do I have a faulty accelerometer in my A3? Just upgraded from an Ambit 2 to a 3 Sport and I've noticed the cadence measurements are really off. Sometimes it'll show the ~95rpm I'm actually running but then it'll spike down to 40-80rpm. This occurs when I'm holding my arm normally (ie, it's not just a problem when I look at the watch) and the strap is on nice and snug. On my first run it didn't get any reading for the first 7 minutes.

  • keanuchow

    2 days ago

    Ambit 3 vs Garmin Fenix 3,which better?

  • fanwish

    4 days ago


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