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A group for all the people using Suunto Ambit family GPS watches all around the world

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  • The Ambit3 Connected family is launched and kicking!

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  • MichaelWiggle...

    16 hours ago

    Hi there. I have just bought an Ambit Sport and want it to bleep after every KM i have run. so far i have downloaded two Apps i have found here and neither seem to work. have you chaps any idea where i can get this or even if its in the settings already?

    • Xesc07

      10 hours ago

      you do not need an App to do that. Just go to gear/customization and, over the desired sport go to advanced settings and enable autolap

  • CatSpi67

    2 days ago

    My Ambit won't connect to Movescount on the iPhone, and synchronisation with Movescount via the computer doesn't work. It seems that Bluetoth is switched off on the Ambit. Does anyone know how to switch it on?

    • CatSpi67

      2 days ago

      MOvescount synchronisation is now working on the computer, but Bluetooth seems to be off, the Ambit can't find the HR monitor either!

    • CatSpi67

      2 days ago

      Just to let you know that I found a solution! I fiddled around a bit and found that by pressing the "back/lap" and "start/stop" buttons simultaneaously and holding until "enter service" comes up, you can go to "action" and select "power off". I powered off the device and woke it up again by connecting it to the computer. When I went through the start-up procedure, Bluetooth was back on and synchronised again :-D

  • George_Paras

    3 days ago

    Hi all, Does anyone know the difference between “chrono” and “current activity duration”? What is the proper option for (trail) running sports mode?

    • Mack_da_Mechanic

      18 hours ago

      Hi George, Both do the same when doing one sport. if you change your sportmode during the exercice - change forexample from "trail running" to "mountain biking" - then "chrono" will show you the time from moves start and "current activity duration" will start from zero with this new sport mode. (Changeing sportmode - press lap/back for two seconds and you get list of your sport modes where to change.)

  • CatSpi67

    5 days ago

    Hi! Just got an Ambit3 Peak. On page 14 of the user manual it says that the Ambit 3 monitors your overall activity, both your exercise and daily activity. Does anyone know how this is done, and whether it involves a separate app to register movement? Does it work like a step counter?? Mine says "inactive" during walking, so it is definately not registering then (if no exercise has been started). Would be great to use the Suunto for everything, and ditch the Fitbit tracker

    • CatSpi67

      5 days ago

      It's the "daily activity" I don't quite get ;-)

    • cesaragonzalezm

      4 days ago

      Hi, does not count steps but there are few apps that apparently does. I have the Ambit 3 sports and gives me the daily activity overall in energy consumption no more than that... maybe Ambit 4 will have the fitbit features with some sleeping monitoring.

    • CatSpi67

      2 days ago

      That would be great!

  • Baara

    5 days ago

    G/day group just sayen hey

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