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Please don't join. This group is exclusively for the review of my last 10 moves and my activity in the current month. Shouts, comments and likes are always welcome :-)

  • 9.5.2014 Message from the group creator:

  • A new year is upon us again. I have resolved to begin the journey to fitness. Goals for the year. 1. 20kg of unwanted fat removed from my body. 2. Do 20kg kettlebell Turkish getups 3. Complete 10 1 minute intevals 30kg kettlebell swings 4. Run 5km without injury (I just can't let go :-) ) 5. Be able to crawl 100m with my knees off the ground, forwards and backwards.

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    • VickyJ


      Jaunary has resulted in a tick for climbing wall and pilates. Two actitivies I will certainly do again. In fact pilates will be a weekly occurance from this day forward. 2 down 10 new things to fo to go

    • VickyJ


      boohoo now i have the flu :-(

      • silentchase


        all the best & a quick recovery !

    • VickyJ


      I am running again :-) Whipee, yeehaa woop woop :-D

      • Carrinthe


        Yeahhh,... you go girl!!!

    • SofiaP


      Lovely background!!!!

      • VickyJ


        Hi there SofiaP. Thankyou for the lovely comment. You are always welcome to Shout, comment and likes things here, but It is to reveal my last 10 moves so you can not "join". If you like the idea you are welcome to copy the words for your own group page. Thanks VickyJ

    • Gunther1971


      How is your recovery Vicky?

      • VickyJ


        I have come to the realisation that road running is something that I am simply going to be unable to do anything soon, so I have changed my focus to strength training focusing on core strength. Maybe some years down the track I will return to running. :-)

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